Don’t Recommend Money Bags for Appointment

Sat, 1 Jun 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

As MMDCES, It Will Encourage Corruption In The Country.

When the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II met former President Rawlings at his Ridge residence in Accra on May 17th 2013, he appealed to the Asantehene to use his influence and wisdom to stir up good morals among the people and added that “Too much power and money has been in the hands of too many WRONG PEOPLE, which has led to the undermining of our values”. What the former President failed to add is that money cracy is not only undermining our values, but the NDC as a party and by extension the ruling government as well.

There are several reports in the media about alleged extortion of monies from aspiring MMDCES by some Regional Executives in the Eastern and Greater Accra Regions before their names could be written among the first three to be short listed to the National Executives in Accra. The papers added that those DCE aspirants should be ready to pay the monies being demanded. How much did the these Regional Executives pay to the Constituency Delegates before they were elected and sworn into office four years ago? On the other hand, how much did the constituency executives pay to the Branch Executives before they were also elected and sworn into office four years ago?

All vetting committees in the Regions should involve the Regional Ministers and their deputies as well as Regional and Constituency Executives, but according to the “New Independent” Tuesday 28th May – Thursday May 2013 edition, Mr. Ade Coker, the Greater Accra Regional NDC Chairman did not involve all the stakeholders during the vetting of aspiring MMDCES and even went ahead to demand GH¢10,000.00 from each aspirant while in the Eastern Region, GH¢5,000 is demanded at the vetting according to the “Ghana Palava”- Wednesday 15 – Thursday May 16th – 2013. One is bound to ask a simple question thus – What is really happening in our dear party – the NDC? Are these Regional and Constituency Executives now telling NDC members that if you have NO MONEY – you cannot contest as a constituency or Regional Executive number in constituency & Regional Elections in future or what? Are they now telling us that if you have no money you cannot contest as a DCE or what?

I am however, very happy that the office of the President has decided to look into all petitions sent to him by aggrieved aspirants and other stake holders because some party executives are ready to AMASS WEALTH and KILL THE GREAT NDC PARTY for their selfish ends. How can a poor aspiring DCE raise GH¢5,000 or even GH¢100,000. Are MMDCE positions NOW FOR SALE to the Highest Bidders. Then sell them to the drug barons from the NPP. Yu see, our fourth attempt at democratic rule is seriously being marred by a culture of intolerance, insensitivity to the plight of the majority of the people with arrogance, impunity and open dissipation of state funds. Therefore, if those aspiring MMDCE’S are able to raise such huge amounts of GH¢5,000 and GH¢10,000 in order to get their names as the shortlisted aspirants and they eventually get appointed as MMDCE’S, it simply means that THEY HAVE BEEN BAPTISED WITH CORRUPTION by the Party Gurus and they would become MORE CORRUPT than anybody. When that happens, their Regional Ministers would be undermined since no development projects would go on in the various districts and municipalities and the President would be blamed which will affect the electoral fortunes of the NDC in 2016. This is a complete ALIEN POLICY now introduced by the Greater Accra and Eastern Region NDC officials into the party and it must be REJECTED and DISCARDED completely. The teeming supporters of the NDC are now standing in the middle of a political landscape that has been become so antagonistic that nobody cares to even reason with anybody from the other side now that the elections are over. From both sides of the political divide, politicians have now focused completely form the NATIONAL INTEREST to THEIR PERSONAL AND NARROW SECTIONAL INTERESTS all in the name of party interests but who is a fool at the grassroots? We are watching events as, they unfold in the NDC with eagle eyes, you sit down there. These constituency and Regional Executives in the Eastern and Greater Accra Regions who are demanding such huge monies from aspiring MMDCES does not know that they are openly introducing CORRUPTION into the government since MMDCE’s represent the government at the local level. They are rather inviting drug barons to pay these huge monies to them and when they (MMDCE’s) eventually gets the nod, they would rather be doing business instead of developing their districts and municipalities nationwide how could party foot soldiers absorb tons of insults, intimidations and even beatings at the grassroots day and might during the election campaign in the 2007 and 2008 general elections only for some of our leaders at the top be demanding huge sums of monies in order to recommend aspiring MMDCES for appointments? This nasty state of affairs never happened during President Rawlings’ administration. It never happened even including the weak presidency of the late President Mills where those around him had wanted to divide the NDC in to two factions- i.e the Rawlings factor and the Mills’ Loyalists full of so-called professionals.

If so, why then should it happen under the able leadership of our baby faced President now leading the great NDC? You are rather undermining him to put square pegs in round holes because of RAW CASH and they would be chasing money instead of development. You mark my words.

Truth be told, we have failed the system and not that the system has failed Ghanaians. Since when did the NDC become a money Grabbing Party? For all you know, the most corrupt NDC official will become a Bishop in the camp of the violent prone NPP led by the Asante/Akyem politicians in Ghana. We must therefore assist the president to appoint MMDCES who are patriotic nationalistic minded and are God fearing and not the favourites of some opinion leaders, and countless lobby groups that have been giving the President sleepless nights. Our leaders are rather making the NDC as a party that is NOT WORTH DYING FOR AT ALL. And this is unacceptable. We all know the TRUE NDC members between Jan. 2001 – 2008 when we were in HELLISH OPPOSITION and this writer was right there inside the trenches – so, why now? These who did not help to build the NDC must NOT DESTROY IT, Enough is Enough because Decency, transparency and fairness must prevail in the great NDC party.


The NDC is heir to June 4 in 1979, and its principles are Probity & Accountability. Commander Joy Amedume faced the FIRING SQUAD at the Teshie Military Range in June 1979 for using his position to secure a LOAN from the Ghana Commercial Bank – the amount was fifty thousand cedis the equivalent of today’s GH¢5.00. Does our party leaders actually remember how the NDC became a mass political party and where it originated? Take it or leave it, cadres should not have died for nothing. All true members of the NDC must remember where the party came from. If the yardstick of June 4 were to be used in measuring politicians today 2013, a large number of them will become the first to cross the nearest Togo Border into self-imposed exile because of corruption. Today 2013, one risks becoming a victim of verbal assault from a new breed of political novices (youthful politicians) called party communication teams who have been exposing their ignorance on the airwaves blindly supporting the NPP or the ruling government since 2009 to date 2013 they posses so much venom that you better keep away from them if you want to retain your dignity and sanity. For me, I have a tough and thick skin and will never keep away from such kids in politics because nobody has the monopoly over insults in this country and my FIRE POWER IS STRONGER and SUPERIOR than those hear say youth politicians from both sides of the political divide. We must therefore not sit down and remain captives to a loose cabal of party communicators and their paid innocent serial callers to continue ramming their fat lies, insults, and their call to arms down our throats as if Ghana have no Elders or senior citizens yet we have a huge stock of senior citizens whose rich advice we can all rely on. In conclusion the NDC will collapse by 2016 if money bags are recommended by the Constituency and Regional Executives for appointments and they are eventually appointed as MMDCES, they would do what they like because they have bought their positions and fully paid for them. is Anybody listening? I am done









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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement