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'Don't touch my anointed ones, do my prophets no harm' - A lesson to Ghanaians

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Mon, 24 Aug 2020 Source: Rockson Adofo

Fellow Ghanaians, all religious persons and public readers, believe it or not, the biblical verse, "Do not touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm" -1 Chronicles 16:22 , is very true despite any contrary view one may hold.

However, this saying may not apply to most of the current mushrooming crop of Ghanaian pastors, teachers, apostles, evangelists and prophets in priestly robes, for they claim to be men of God but their heart is far removed from God. They are rather more or less the agents of the devil, going by the current obnoxious revelations about them.

If any of these Ghanaian prophets and so-called men of God, can kill their parents, wife, children, church members, etc. for the sake of acquiring fame, power and money, then I am afraid, they are not God's anointed ones or prophets as they claim to be. They are probably the prophets of Baal.

Someone may not be a priesthood holder, thus, a pastor, teacher, apostle, evangelist or prophet, yet, he or she may be an anointed one or a prophet or prophetess of God. These are the people, and those true men and women of God that I am talking about today but not the obviously fake ones abounding in the present day Ghana.

Please, listen to this true story, though I shall not mention their names. I am withholding them for a personal reason and the avoidance of discrediting the name of the dead and his family. However, any wise person may take a lesson from it to act in the appropriate manner at all times, especially, when God's revelation has made you aware of things.

Will you not be a fool to run into a danger knowing there is one just ahead of you? Certainly, he who deliberately steps into a danger is a big fool!

A true story goes thus, a prophet of God was visited by someone. From a distance, it was revealed to this said prophet that an anointed one of God was coming to him. As soon as the prophet set eye on this stranger, he said, "who is this great king coming to me?" He told the stranger what God has revealed to him about he, the visitor. All that he told the stranger was true and he would not have known the things he said about the stranger if they had not been revealed to him by God.

If God has revealed to you that the person is His anointed one for a specific position/post, and you so told the stranger, then decided to hold prayer with him from time to time for God's purpose for him to come to pass, why should you later decide to prevent God's wish for the stranger coming to pass?

This prophet of God, instead of acting in accordance with God's revelation for His purpose for the stranger to materialise, he rather, for the love of money, and probably envy, acted divergently to God's revelation to him. He would hold meetings and prayers with the stranger from time to time, but would go and reveal everything he knows about the stranger to those opposing the stranger by usurping the stranger's birthright to scupper God's purpose for him.

From the subsequent events, one God see that God indeed loved the prophet as much as He loves the stranger, His anointed one. God allowed other junior prophets in the senior prophet's church to see revelations about the senior prophet as to what SHALL happen to him should he continue to obstruct His purpose for the stranger, thus, His anointed one to be the chief, from materialising. Many a time did God order many different junior prophets to warn him about the danger ahead of him should he continue to behave contrary to His wish.

For love of money and only God Himself knows what, the senior prophet obstinately continued in the path he had chosen, always revealing secrets made known to him about the stranger to the stranger's enemies. Despite the numerous incessant warnings, he refused to backtrack. He kept to his evil ways.

In the end, what God said would come upon the senior prophet, if he kept to his evil ways, has indeed, come to pass. He was warned from time to time to desist from the contrary stance he had taken with intent to prevent God's purpose for His anointed one from coming to fruition. As I write, he has DIED, exactly a week ago as today, Saturday, 15 August 2020. His remains is in the morgue.

Not that he was not warned several times, he was. For nearly twelve years, he was from time to time warned by the revelations of God to the junior prophets yet, he ignored the warnings while at the same time acting disrespectfully criminally to the wishes of God.

Now that he is dead, what is the use of the fame and money he craved for and acquired, hence disobeying God and His many warnings to him?

To conclude, let us all bear in mind that God indeed does exist. He is a patient God who does not gloat over the death of a sinner hence always giving us many chances in case we shall realise our sins and repent for them. Look at the many years He granted the said prophet to cease doing what he was doing but refused to adhere to the warnings. What will profit a man, if he earns the whole world but loses his life?

Those of you doing whatever you deem criminally possible, but not appropriate in the sight of God and against His purpose, in the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy dispute, to harm His anointed one of which several means have been taken to warn you but are still stalled in your evil ways, please, let the now deceased prophet's case be a strong warning to you.

Finally, let this bible quotation from Job 1:12 be a lesson to us all, especially, all those who have attempted variously to exterminate Kumawuhene Barima Tweneboa Kodua V from the land of the living for their selfish motives. Tried as you have, he is still alive. Does it not tell you that God has His hands on him and he is His anointed one?

"And the LORD said to Satan, “Behold, all that he has is in your power; only do not lay a hand on his person.” So Satan went out from the presence of the LORD"

The battle is the Lord's and with God, we shall win!

Columnist: Rockson Adofo