Dr. Anyah, a helper or saboteur?

Wed, 25 Oct 2017 Source: Dr. Francis Adomako

For his latest media hype feat, everything is presenting obvious motive guiding the singular pursuit of the CEO of KBTH (Dr Anyah) in the on-going KBTH and Unibank Saga.

The CEO’s moves only goes to reaffirm what an attention-seeking leader he is and the extent he is willing to go to get that attention even if it means painting bad picture of another corporate body and derailing all the efforts successive CEOs have laid down in improving and building the efficiency of the operations of KBTH.

Just this week, it has been reported that the CEO of KBTH was using his network of influence in the Accountant General Department to indict the operations and image of UNIBANK.

What was his motivation? The question needs to be answered, whether the CEO of KTBH, an appointee of the government is here to help the government to implement the change agenda or is here to pursue his own parochial interest.

Right from the onset, Dr. Anyah demonstrated gross disregard for corporate consultation when even after Dr. Kwaku Agyemang (Minister of Health)has indicated to him not to abrogate the contract with Unibank since it will militate against good corporate governance.

He heeded not to this directive and went ahead initiated steps to discontinue the service of Unibank to KBTH. This straightaway indicated that the CEO set the tone for a mission derailing collective efforts of the government and the management of KBTH to develop lasting solutions for KBTH.

I have said this before and the necessities of the times demand that I re-echo the point home uncovering all what such a leader want to use his public office to achieve.


Two issues are very eminent. A severing ties between his private Hospital (Holy Trinity hospital and Unibank )that has been carried over unto his new office. UNIBANK had similar arrangements with Dr. Aniyah’s private hospital (Holy Trinity)before he was appointed CEO of Korle Bu.

Unibank which was part of the major client stream of Holy Trinity Hospital, a private hospital owned by Dr. Anyah, withdrew from the services of the Hospital largely due to what could not be explained as the cause of overbilling situation to his clients. This was seen as clear avenues of fleecing unsusceptible clients. That obviously did not go down well with the new CEO who felt his business would be affected by the decision of Unibank and that his business operations and profits were being usurped.

Another intriguing question is, if Dr. Anyah has issues with UNIBANK must he use his new office to ravel such scores to the harm of KBTH and the government who appointed him? Whose interest would he be serving by discontinuing the contract? Is it Dr. Anyah or KBTH or the cohorts alleging to be serving the interest of Stanbic Bank?

If Dr. Anyah has the competence of managing an ailing reason like this, he would have magnanimously resolved the situation which could not have led to the wanton withdrawal from his (Holy Trinity Hospital) services by other major and leading clients such as Regent University, Ghana Telecom University, World Vision Ghana, SG-SSB, Nationwide Mutual Health, M&K Gh Corel Paint to mention but a few.

Every professional Leader in such circumstance would distinct between discharging duties as a Public Service Officer and managing a business relationship that went sour between his private entity and a client. This is where Dr. Anayah has failed grossly. People are so vindictive and so insecure such that it is only by facilitating the downfall of others that they can feel powerful and genuinely accomplished and this the right case of what Dr. Anyah is doing to Unibank.

It must be underscored clearly that, before he Dr. Anyah assumed office, his predecessor and THE MANAGEMENT of KBTH have had a contract with Unibank Ghana to help with revenue collection and billing, to seal avenues used by others to steal from the hospital revenue generation, so the past management found it prudent enough to hand over the business of revenue collection to Unibank.

Unibank in its quest to ensure a superior service to KBTH, aside supporting KBTH with many social intervention and construction projects, has invested an amount of about GH¢1.5 million to lay fibre optic cables, supply computers to be used by the hospital billing staff and erected and refurbished cubicles at various collection points assigned to Unibank. Unibank in taking this charge has diligently delivered under the terms of the MOU with no deficiencies. UNIBANK had already invested so much money into building a system to help them with this revenue collection and terminating such contract would have immense effect on them and also pose potential threat for judgment debt case.

What I find intriguing here, is the fact that, What leader in guise of a CEO will persue an agenda that will leave his manned outfit which is struggling with many unpaid judgment debts to be splashed with a new one potentially in the making?

To set the facts accurately straight, KBTH has not presented any evidence to show that uniBank had committed any wrong-doing or committed any breach in the performance of its obligations under the MOU.

Instead of people to work for the success of the president, we are so much preoccupied by how to get others out, how to pull others down and about how to alienate others and give them a bad name causing so much acrimony in the process.

Must all appointed CEOs and government appointed reps, use their offices to skew narratives and public discussions to favor their selfish interests? If all CEOs decide to do this, who will find time to do the needful to make our economy vibrant.

Another piece of advice, various local reps. heading foreign companies in Ghana should humbly sit down and work !!! It’s more profitable to grow a local business to be a giant out there in Africa and even in Europe. According to the Institute for Local Self-Reliance

1. Keeping Dollars in local economy

2. Creates more jobs locally

3.Product diversity

4.Community well-being

5. Local character and prosperity

6. Relationships and investing in local communities are necessary ingredients to grow a vibrant local economy.

So where a head of a bank joins hands with a head of a public hospital to attempt to run down a star indigenous business of mother Ghana, is not only a misplaced priority but an arsenal to destroy the efforts in building the local economy.

It’s even dangerous to do by trying to use high offices of government. It’s not clear yet if these high offices of government are aware and involved directly. The modern discerning Ghanaian is just cautioning that individuals pushing this personal selfish agenda would not get the silent majority sitting on the fence.

We silently and humbly would advice government to change Korle bu management and board members for failing to handle this simple matter.

A clear sign of incompetence. Many good staffs abounds even at the regional offices who had over the years learn to use structures, process and procedures to work. They should be re-assign to Accra to show them how corporate governance works.

In conclusion when power is in your hands use it to work for the people not against the people. President Nana Addo Dankwa Akkuffo Addo ascending to the throne of power is Devine because God is of the view that he is better prepared to use that power to the benefit of the majority instead of the selfish few.

Columnist: Dr. Francis Adomako