Dr. Bawumia, why human resources development in Ghana is a waste

Bawumia Smile Dr Bawumia

Wed, 31 Oct 2018 Source: Joel Savage

The success of this country depends on how to develop human resources and not to rely solely on the natural resources,” said the Vice-President of Ghana. (ModernGhana reference).

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, it is true, human resource development is the layered structure, for helping employees to develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities. In this way, Ghanaians are empowered to use their knowledge and skills as architects to develop the country.

However, I need to ask Dr. Bawumia, what role does the NPP government play in assisting employees to develop their skills in all aspects of Human Resource Development, when Ghanaians are never given that opportunity?

How can Ghanaians apply their knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve success in the country, when all the development of the country is in the hands of the Chinese government?

Since the Ghanaian government depends on China for its development then human resources development in Ghana will be a total waste. These are some of the reasons Ghana is facing economic pressure because the government is paying loans to foreign countries which are affecting the country.

Farmers work hard yet many Ghanaians are hungry because of poor roads. Tons of foodstuffs get wasted every year. Look at how corruption has affected the daily operations at the Ghana Ports Authority. They think inflating the duty imposed on imports and exports will help the country, but that's really bad for Ghana.

Prices of all commodities have increased in the country, I guess tapping human resources in Ghana will reduce the prices and make life better for the common Ghanaian.

Whenever I read about you, I see clearly that you are an intelligent man, who has an idea on how to improve the economy of Ghana but your government finds it hard to implement them. This is a problem with all African leaders.

It is very sad and costly to deny the importance of human resources development in any country because their contributions are assets that create a successful country as you've mentioned.

I will, therefore, be very glad if your government will recognize the expertize of Ghanaians and implement human resource development in a proper manner to bring comfort to all Ghanaians.

Columnist: Joel Savage