Dr. Kwabena Agyei’s Letter! If Stones Are Burning In The NDC,

Mon, 20 Feb 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Then The Trees Must Run Fast For Safety - Part 1.

Hon. Dr. Kwabena Agyei, the NDC National Chairman will go down in the annuals of Ghana’s history as the most patriotic level headed Chairman that the NDC has ever elected since 1992 when the party was formed. During the PNDC era, when Cadres proposed to the then Chairman Rawlings about the formation of a Political Party and he accepted to become the flag bearer of the NDC as far back 1991 when he was still the Military Head of State, what would have happened if he had rejected that proposal of the revolutionary organs who were working on the ground for him on the quiet since the erstwhile C.D.R’s was a mass political organization? Why should some individuals hatch a plan to scrap the NDC, Scrap June 4 and Scrap the 31st December revolution out of which the NDC was born in order to turn it into the CPP without even having the least courtesy to inform the Founder of the Party in the person of Jerry John Rawlings and yet when his wife contested the sitting President some hawks in the party described her as THE ENEMY WITHIN? Do they now want their enemy to campaign and vote for them in 2012 or what? Frankly speaking, NDC without Rawlings is not worth dying for at all, and so, if Rawlings is an Out Cast, all Cadres are equally outcasts, if he is a “Barking Dog”, all Cadres are also “Barking Dogs” if he is a Loose Cannon, all Cadres are Loose Cannons who made the NDC what it is today 2012. Secondly, if Rawlings’ time has passed, all Cadres time has passed also. How on earth can you expect your enemy to campaign and vote for you in 2012?


Dr. Kwabena Agyei’s letter is not only an internal matter but a National Affair because the NDC is the Party in government We have three interest groups in the ruling NDC party and they are all eyeing the Presidency after Prez. Mills leaves office in 2017, so, for Heaven’s Sake, they must all shelve their presidential ambitions and throw their weights behind Prez. Mills to win the 2012 elections first, before anything else because the party is supreme. He who feeds you controls your conscience, nobody feeds me and so nobody controls my conscience at all, it will never happen in my life time because I am not a sycophant and will never become one at all. Millions of angry, disillusioned and hungry Party Supporters including the 25million Ghanaians are looking up to the few people in whose hands they have put their TRUST – the few are the 29 patriotic dignitaries led by the sitting President and his Vice, because, with the cat now out of the bag, Ghanaians now know those who are calling the shots and rocking the boat in the NDC, and NOT the Rawlingses, so they must look before they leap or we all perish come 2012 because the grounds are boiling daily with regard to the NDC this election year.


Reading through the Chairman’s letter, there is nowhere that he mentioned the frosty relations between Mills and Rawlings at all. Hon. Dr. Kwabena Agyei is not alone when it comes to character assassinations within the NDC as a party and these are caused by some destructive infiltrators who pretend to die with President Mills if he should die unfortunately but God forbid. They are half – CPP, half NDC, half NPP, half Cadres, half NDC, half NPP, half Cadres and some few Party Executives who can not identify a political disaster when they see one. These treacherous characters would become the first people to write lengthy tributes measuring 15 feet in memory of J.J. Rawlings and President Mills if they should die unfortunately today, God forbid. We must not praise our leaders only when they are dead. They are professionals in blocking people’s efforts to get to the President or seek any financial assistance or any kind of assistance in the NDC government since 2009 to date 2012. Therefore, Dr. Kwabena Agyei’s letter must not be White Washed by any person or group of persons, if that should happen, we shall reply some people with our thumbs and clear them off the political stage and damn the consequences because we are fed up, after all, a man is born one day and he dies one day, so what again? Well done, Dr. Kwabena Agyei. Yes, this Ghana where the Akans have a proverb that says: “S[ Wo Ka Nokware a, Y[ se Wonnye”. To wit, if you are straight forward, open and frank in speaking the truth in all matters, people perceive you to be arrogant and a Bad Man; you can therefore choose to describe me as “Super Bad” and I don’t care a fig about that. We cannot sit down unconcerned and allow some people to Gamble With Our Precious Lives in the NDC no matter who they are, for it is very painful and shameful. Enough is enough.


These structures have not been working since 2009 to date and most party executives does not care because they are fabulously rich and therefore some government appointees were not happy when the Chairman’s letter was leaked to the media, they must remember that there are some people at the Castle, the seat of government who are not too happy about what is happening in the NDC and that was why the letter was leaked to the media – period. If our Men In Uniform were allowed to dabble in party politics, you will be shocked to see their reaction against the infighting in the NDC.


Some parliamentary aspirants have built huge war chests to contest the 2012 general elections in December – They must check their characters first before splashing their cash on the electorate. They include some party executives, ministers of state and MMDC’s all contesting on the ticket of the NDC. The electorate would finally vet them with their thumbs and some of them will actually fall form Grace to Grass like Nebuchadnezzar. When they fall, they will rush for Nylon Ropes to hang themselves and die because of their arrogance, disrespect and maltreatment of the real Wielders of Power at the grassroots. When such people “die” politically, their bodies would be removed by the police and finally handed over to their families for burial. When they are buried, they would get rotten by December 25, 2012 and maggots and termites will have a field day in enjoying a Merry Christmas with their Cursed Bodies as their Pot Bellies would have burst by that time. If you eat alone, you must be prepared to equally die alone too. This is the stubborn truth. You either take it or leave it, for it is my back case, since we cannot become BEGGARS in our own political party. Is any body listening? I am done. Aluta Continua! Jaanbie Iwaii


Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organiser

United Cadres Front



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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement