Dr. Lawrence writes: If someone says Nana Addo is not corrupt, look at the person’s face

Akufo Addo Muslim President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

Mon, 22 Jul 2019 Source: awakenewsonline.com

In 2020, the NPP cannot mount platforms and shout that Nana Akufo-Addo is not corrupt and cannot be corrupt. Even now if someone says Nana Addo is not corrupt, look at the person’s face. You will notice that the person doesn’t believe in what he/she saying. You will see stupidity written all over the face.

In 2020, the NPP cannot say they will not form a family and friends government. Now we know Nana Akufo-Addo has about 25 members of his family and friends in his current government. JM having one cousin in his administration was just a child-play.

In 2020, the NPP cannot tell Ghanaians that 84 Ministers was too much, when they now have 125 Ministers in their current administration. They have not offered an apology to Ghanaians for insulting their conscience. They are rather defending it with this abysmal performance of the government. In 2020, the NPP cannot say the rising strength of the dollar is due to bad leadership and mismanagement of the economy. They inherited an exchange rate of GHC3.80 to $1.00. Now with their good governance, the exchange rate is GHC5.50 to $1.00 in just two and half years.

What the NPP will say in 2020 is they have given you Free SHS, when they know their Free SHS is struggling to collapse. It is factually on live support. They will will say they have given you One District, One Factory, when they know not even one district has a factory. They will say they have given you one village, one dam, when they know what they have given you is a GHC250,000 dugout when they actually promised you a $3 Million meaningful dam. They will tell you they have restored teacher and nurses allowance, when they know that policy is meaningless, unsustainable and collapsing with overdue payments.

If I should prophesy into 2020, the NPP will run from their records and attack John Mahama and his administration. They will forget that when Ghanaians bought into that strategy, we didn’t know Akufo Addo. Now we know him and the 2020 elections will be about what he did in 4 years but unfortunately, the grounds are not good. The failures and disappointment by this government is just too much. I urge Ghanaians to demand the audit report of the audit of roads after two and half years of wastage time and money.

Dr. Lawrence Appiah

Diaspora Progressive Movement

Columnist: awakenewsonline.com
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