Dr. Mensah Otabil and His Antics

Thu, 22 Nov 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

We Beg To Disagree With Central Possibility.Com.

President John Dramani Mahama has stated that he has not endorsed ANY POLITICAL ADVERT containing Pastor Mensah Otabil’s voice, neither is he AWARE OF ANY SURROGATE affiliated to him as being behind the promotion of such tapes. The President appealed to ALL GROUPS OF VOLUNTEERS, SUPPORTERS AND WELL WISHERS who believe in his message to focus on the OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN MESSAGE OF JOBS, EMPLOYMENT, STABILITY and DEVELOPMENT. See Daily Graphic Tuesday November 20th 2012, page 22, but if the aim of Pastor Otabil is to use the pulpit to destroy the NDC, he will fail, because we shall make him transparent for the whole world to see who he is. On the same page, some Christian Ministers and Leaders in the country have called on the “Education Watch” political advert to be withdrawn with immediate effect. Yet on page 28 of the same paper, a group calling itself the Central Possibility.Com, came out with a provocative and blasphemous ADVERT with the following false appellations.

1) Sir, We love you Dearly Mensah Otabil, The Notable, The voice of one crying in The wilderness, making straight the crooked path of politics. If politics is crooked, why did he describe The NDC as an Evil Party? I am fully prepared to educate Pastor Otabil free of charge about the EVIL PAST of the Danquah/Busia traditional which the NPP represent today 2012

2) Mensah Otabil, The Voice And Conscience of the Nation. This is a Big Lie – He is the voice of His Church Alone – period

3) Your voice Has Assumed Notoriety in the Camp of Hell – Those who published that article have never visited Hell before, so they must give Ghanaians a break. For their information, the NPP is Hell in Ghana, so we would never sit down and allow Otabil to turn the people against the NDC for his selfish political agenda.

4) Dr. Notable, A man of Note – Yes it is very true because he is fond of casting insinuations against the NDC and contradicts himself – This is A fact. By describing the NDC as Evil he is turning Reality on its head

5) Mensah Notable, A Reference in Both Hell and Heaven. Jesus Christ! Is He God? The Answer is a Big No.

6) A Spiritual Legislator carrying Both life and Death – This is not only false but sheer sycophancy because he is not God, if he claim to be God, then he must an annihilate all NDC members including the President of the Republic of Ghana to allow Nana Akuffo Addo and his NPP – the preferred Party of Mensah Otabil to rule Ghana forever – we are rather fed up with his double standards

7) Oh! That Ghana might listen to Him And Live! It is not all Ghanaians that would listen to him and live because he is not God. Let him cast those who refuse to listen to his words into Hell Fire since he claims to be God. Frankly speaking Pastor Otabil is adopting a Fast and Loose deception to conceal his Mischievous Agenda against the NDC

8) Dr. Mensah Notable, Authority, Feared by Authorities, They Hunt For His Voice For Good Or For Evil – if under the NDC one Government Education could Not be Free, it can still Not be Free Under a future “NPP government” too, so who is hunting for Otabil’s voice for Evil?

9) How Terrified Are They- The powers that Be! Nobody is terrified of Mensah Otabil or his voice for we even lived under the vicious government of the NPP led by Ex-prez. Kufour who had and still have the support of Pastor Otabil. Dear Pastor, God is Not Mocked at all

10) Dr. Notable, An Institution Bigger than A Nation. Foremost African Spiritual Legislator with keys To Lock And unlock Destinies of Nations. This is sycophancy At its Best, Pastor Mensah Otabil is deceiving himself that he is Bigger than our Nation Ghana, because Ghana was There Before He was Born. If he has suddenly become the second Super Power of The World after the United States, Let him do his worst, but the Debate on his contradictive tapes will continue un-abated. He can UNLOCK the Destiny of Ghana and we all see.

11) Oh! That Africa will Listen to Pastor Notable, Yes, Africa Did Not even Listen To The Great Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana let alone Otabil. It is only God who is GREATER than Ghana and NOT MAN. Those innocent supporters of Pastor Otabil must read about Nebuchadnezzar before bragging.

12) The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail The Speakings of Hell Are Hereby SILENCED By The Voice of The Superior Blood of The Lamb of God – For your information, we are all LAMBS OF GOD. It is a fact that Dr. Mensah Otabil has installed liars as Kings and Queens in his Church.


In 2008, when defeat was starring at the NPP in the face, they came out with a HIT LIST in which Pastor Mensah Otabil’s name was included to be assassinated if NDC won that election. According to him, he said nothing, but on 15th December 2008 publication on “Ghana Web” sourced from the “States man” an NPP mouth piece, Dr. Mensah Otabil told the media that he Got WIND OF THE PLOT FROM VERY RELIABLE SOURCES but he had ENTRUSTED HIS LIFE IN THE HANDS OF HIS MAKER. These remarks meant that he believed the lies 100% that the NDC would actually ELIIMNATE HIM WHEN IT WON THE 2008 election. Since 2009 up to date 2012, there have not been ANY threat to his life – not a single hair of the Pastor have been removed from his head by the NDC. He has NEVER DENIED the CLAIMS attributed to him by the “STATESMAN” newspaper. It was the late President Mills who personally WROTE to Otabil and assured him that the NDC had no intention to ASSASSINATE ANY BODY IN THAT HIT LIST. THAT HIT LIST WAS COMPILED BY THE VICIOUS NPP GOVERNMENT LED BY EX-PREZ. KUFOUR FROM 2001 – 2008 so to Dr. Mensah Otabil, SHS education can NEVER BE FREE under an NDC government, but can easily be FREE under an NPP government, if that is the case, Pastor Mensah Otabil must simply put on an NPP “T” shirt and hit the campaign trail and speak on NPP plat forms and stop pretending that he is NON-PARTISAN because his statements are too glaring. He must stop his contradictions or. Those Christians Leaders turned political Christians in the Country throwing their weights behind Pastor Otabil must first call on that group in the Possibility. Com who published that extreme SYCOPHANTIC and BLASPHEMOUS ADVERT on page 28 of the “Daily Graphic” in Honour of Pastor Mensah Otabil to withdraw their advert first or the DEBATE On PASTOR OTABIL’S CAMPAIGN AGAINST FREE SHS WILL CONTINUE UNABATED since it is NOT TRUE THAT HE IS AN INSTITUTION BIGGER than our Nation Ghana. Nobody has a voice of Mischief against him rather it is Otabil who harbor Mischief against the NDC since 1992 to date. Dr. Mensah Otabil is a very powerful man and as such, I have to heat his “Nyass” with this powerful Article to call him to order.

If his sycophantic admirers does not respect the Presidency. We do respect our Baby faced President of the Republic and Not Hot Headed Presidential Candidates in the NPP.


Pastor Mensah Otabil must know that one can find scores of tax evaders, drug barons, tribal bigots, loose talkers, mischief makers, professional smugglers, money launderers, some people who indulge in over invoicing and under invoicing, Human traffickers, Sponsors of Armed Robbers, Divorcees, Pen Robbers, Gays and Lesbians as well as some people with Pull Him Down Degrees in his Church. Secondly, one can find scores of our so-called big men occupying important positions like managing Directors and Bankers of public and private institutions some of who often demand ORAL SEX from our young ladies who graduate from the country’s Universities before EMPLOYING THEM. Dr. Otabil must talk about it always in his Church. There are civil and public servants who use government vehicles to attend their private funerals at week ends. These vehicles are filled with fuel provided by the State. These are the areas that must always become an important topic for Pastor Otabil and NOT. Repeat NOT to turn his congregation against the NDC by describing the party members as Evil people. For his information, he has thousands of evil men and women in his Church, so he must think about that and stop his unprovoked insults against the great NDC. When the Electoral Commission created the 45 new constituencies, The Opposition NPP started condemning the E/C by blaming it that it was in bed with the NDC and some top Christian Leaders joined the NPP by predicting violence if those 45 constituencies were created since the time was too short. Former President Kufour also added his voice, but today 2012, the 45 constituencies have been created and the NPP have filed its Parliamentary Candidates in all those constituencies. Who are those Political Christians and the NPP deceiving now?

The President of the Republic of Ghana recently donated 12 brand new V8 Toyota Vehicles to the National House of Chiefs and it also became a campaign issue since it is an election year. Did Ex-Prez. Kufour not INCREASE THE SALARIES of Ghanaians workers on 6th Jan. 2009, a day before he was going to hand over to the late Pres. Mills?

These political Christians led by Pastor Otabil must talk against the UNDER AGED Children who registered in their hundreds to cast their vote on 7th December 2012 and stop their UNGODLY ATTACKS on the great NDC. Is that clear? This is Capitalist Ghana where Money Talks, and the Truth Vanishes into THIN AIR – Oh God, Help Mother Ghana. I shall return when the need arise, you just keep your fingers crossed. I am done. “From Obuasi, this has been Clement Sangaparee, giving the 53year old Dr. Otabil, A Perpetual Heart Beat. “Jaanbie Iwaii – Aluta Contnua!”


Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organiser

United Cadres Front



All Media Houses


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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement