Dr. Nkrumah Was Not A Brutal Dictator – Part Three

Mon, 31 Mar 2014 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

I am happy in the knowledge that the TORCH which I have lit will continue to burn long after I have gone, that was Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah the Star of Africa in a nationwide broadcast after Adam Amandi, a leading member of the United Party organized a bomb attack on him when he was returning from the Upper Volta- now Burkina Faso. That attack took place at Kulungugu on 2nd August 1962 and killed the little girl who held the flower pot and several innocent people while Nkrumah was wounded. Decent Ghanaians must not surrender their minds to the barrage of lies being hurled out by the violent prone NPP whose fore bears did not help to build the nation but had come to DESTTROY. It is far better to face the truth, no matter how painful and unpleasant than to resort to soothing falsehood in order to satisfy, your selfish ends as the NPP members are always doing since 1992 to date 2014. The adults of tomorrow would face a bleak future if we allow the NPP to have their way and do what they want. Dr. Busia in his usual greed, arrogance, blood thirsty and pomposity encouraged his Death Squad to club innocent Ghanaians mostly CPP supporters down in cold blood like animals. The NPP is the originator of political violence and tribal politics in Ghana since 1951 to date 2014 and so, it was not for nothing that Nana Akuffo Addo introduced his infamous “All die be die” mantra at Atiwa in the Eastern Region by bragging that “we Akans are not cowards” The slave chains of Ghanaians were broken completely on June 4, 1979 through the June Four popular Uprising. We can never go back to the old days when the ordinary people were mere followers of leaders and had no right to participate in leadership, the days when rural communities were pinned down to the positions of everlasting dependence on unfulfilled promises of politicians. The sardine and tinapa days of sweet tongued Members of Parliament are gone forever. The terrible dilemma of leading members of the NPP is that their brains are choked with foreign values making them more Westernized than the Westerners themselves. They know the geographical and weather conditions of most European countries including their capital cities but can hardly name all the capital towns of Ghana’s ten regions. For example, Ex-President Kufour did not know that there was an Airstrip at Wa in the Upper West Region during his campaign tour of the country in the year 2000 because he had nothing doing there but only to go to them for their votes to enable him win the elections, after winning the elections too, no wonder he said he could not get any material from the Upper West Region to appoint as a cabinet minister and rather choked his cabinet with Asante/Akyem citizens and forgot the entire Volta Region while sending that Region’s leading politicians to jail monthly. The Upper West Region and Volta Region were forgotten by President J.A. Kufour and yet they (NPP gurus) fell over each other and visited the two regions canvassing for votes. They thought citizens of these regions are very foolish like them. You see, it is strange and a display of intellectual dishonesty for the NPP to always turn the facts upside down. it is because they had and still have a misconceived agenda aimed at making the country ungovernable which have been their stock-in-trade and we should not spare any body or group of people whose acts divide the nation. Dr. Busia led a small group of people who did not want the CPP to lead the country to independence. These people wanted Ghana to be divided into Separations (Federalism) with each region managing its own affairs. When the CPP led by Nkrumah won the third general elections on 17th July 1956 and was asked by the Governor to form government in readiness for independence to be granted Ghana on 6th March 1957, Busia flew to London to try to stop the British government from granting independence to Ghana. Here was a so-called democrat who did not help to build Ghana in any way but was destroying the country all the time with the backing of some tribal chiefs in Ghana. Dr. Busia did not succeed in convincing Britain to stop granting independence to Ghana. It was easier to end colonial rule than to stop the activities of Ghanaians who wanted to maintain their positions of power and have risen from among the masses.

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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement