Dreams of an African child

Sun, 21 Apr 2013 Source: Akpah, Prince

How can the dreams of an African child be echoed when he/she cannot even boast of an

enabling environment. Enabling environments that will make him/her

realize those positive burning desires. We dream to become doctors,

pilots, presidents, and other prominent professions just as we see them

on TV or read about them. But how to achieve them becomes the greatest

hindrance to position the future of Africa on the right path.African

leaders have refused to endow with the best enabling environments for

less-privileged children in the hinterlands and even in the cities. In

my country, Ghana successive governments have made promises of a Free

Compulsory and Universal Basic Education (FCUBE) as mandated by the

constitution for the past 20 years but it is yet to be achieved.How can

we let the poor African child suffer and tell him, he has a dazzling

future? Are we deceiving ourselves or destroying the fate of our future

leaders?The premium ‘’Right to Education’’ in Africa has become a right

that leaders have uphold but are not performing to expectation. Our

education system has always had the deficiency of limited possibilities; which has

being hindrance by limited opportunities. How can we want to

encourage high school graduates to enter into the university, and put in place a

good policy to loan them money and later have an interest that

is very high to be afforded immediately after their tertiary education?

Won’t this discourage people? The best thing we can do as developing

countries in Africa is not changing people but reviewing the failed and

bogus policies that we have put in place. I write to seek on behalf of

the youths and children of Africa that we are also resources that can

also be explored. This is the time that the human resources of Africa

have to be given a notice to.Our dreams and rights have being placed in

limbo. Our rights are not secured, we see children on our streets

selling all kinds of stuffs, paying tags with cars and endangering their lives and

yet we compete with first class world countries for

development even as what will contribute to the development one-day in

future is on the street uneducated and yet we complain that our rate of

development is slow.All stakeholders are adamant on our rights. We

(children) are always well thought-out to be different, thus, the bad

ones. We are now considered as nonentities but they forget that all the

strides they are making today will be in vain if we do not take over and manage them

properly.Our RIGHTS TO LIFE also have being threatened as

African children are never considered. If not wars in Africa countries

will not continue since children are most affected. Some of our parents, brothers,

sisters, guardians and loved ones are always victims to the

guns and deadly weapons of rebels who or in the other way are very

wicked. This also shows that we Africans are contributing against our

own dreams and aspirations. Africa would have been better than Europe,

America, and Asia etc but because of the selfishness of some individuals we are now

seen as ‘backbenchers’ when it comes to development rating.

Why? Is it that Africa does not have the resources i.e. natural

resources, human resources and whatever that will make Africa progress?

It just seems we are not picturing the dreams of the prospective future

leaders and dreams of the future generation. Africa must start preparing for the

best ever leadership, yes! We will get there and we will keep

our dreams alive and always remember we are proud of our

homeland.Recently in Ghana, a country in West Africa, RIGHTS TO LIFE of

young people has been precariously threatened to the extent that it is

becoming a normal practice. for example, a young pupil had his/her

buttocks burnt in hot water just because he wets bed everyday and that

is the only alternative considered by his guardians for treatment, A 31

year old woman killed her 4-year old son by drowning her in a pond

because she wanted to establish a relationship with a new found lover,

for them to destroy all the future dreams, plans and aspirations of

these this children. In other to protect the lives of these children as

their right a worldwide penalty must be instituted to deal with those

playing with our rights which will go a long way to affect our visions

for the African continent.

NB: This article is not to criticize anyone but to advocate for the rights of the

average African child.


Columnist: Akpah, Prince