‘Drug-busting-Czar’ Atta-Mills presiding over ‘Cocainocracy’

Sun, 16 May 2010 Source: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku

When I sit down and cast my mind back to the months, weeks, days, hours and seconds preceding the 2008 general elections, then I come to the point of realization as to why we, as Ghanaians, in particular, and Africans in general, do not have any hope, whatsoever, to develop to the point where the Americas, Britains, Germanys of this world, have been able to reach in terms of developments.

When an African is looking for political power, he will throw caution to the wind and go ahead to lie through his nose. He will go about espousing virtues about himself, which in actual fact has absolutely nothing to do with the personality of such individual. They will tell you they are ‘asomdwee henes’ who cannot hurt even a fly.

They will go about telling people that they are ‘father-for-all’ who will make sure there is no inequity and injustice in our land. They will tell you when they are given the mandate, the menace of arm robbery and horrific road accidents shall be a thing of the past. They will tell you that if they are given the mandate, they will, literally, put money into the pockets of the citizenry. They will tell you they are social democrats who abhor all the good things of life and that when they are given the mandate, they will travel on donkeys and their convoys shall be made up of VW-beetle and Ghana-made ‘Boafo’ vehicles.

Having finished making all these ‘heavenly’ and mouth-watering promises to some of their credulous citizens, they will then go ahead and unleash their equally devilish disciples who have been well-schooled in the art of venomous propaganda, to go on all media outlets and paint a negative image for every good thing that exists.

Everything achieved by the Kufuor administration was described as useless by the then power-hungry NDC.For example, Kwesi Pratt and Tony Aidoo described the capitation grant of GH¢3.00, a quarter, as laughable, by simply dividing the figure by 4, which gives you approximately GH¢0.7(7pesewas) per month. This 7pesewas a month figure was then used by these anti-establishment bigots to describe the whole capitation grant initiative as a complete sham. Yet, they come to power and all what NDC apologists like Kwesi Pratt has been telling us is that Atta-Mills has increased the capitation grant by, quote; “fiiiiiiiiifty percent”!!!!!,on quote. This brings the figure to GH¢4.50. You will get GH¢1.125 when you divide GH¢4.50 by 4months.Now, subtract 7pesewas from GH¢1.125 and you will get approximately 41pesewas.

In effect; the capitation grant has been increased by 41pesewas, a quarter!!!And from the way these pseudo-democrats were castigating the capitation grant figures under the Kufuor administration, we thought the NDC was going to increase it by one zillion percent!!!

The drug trade, which has been a worry to every nation on the planet since records began, was turned into a political ‘ampe’ and the NDC, with their masterly art of ‘Nsem Hunu’ (nonsensical) politicking, were able to deceive the people of this nation to the effect that the NPP had institutionalized the drug trade.

Ama Benyiwa-Doe said cocaine was falling from the skies, like the Biblical-Manna, under the Kufuor administration.Fifi Kwetey (the alleged Togolese) said the whole ecomini, oh! Sorry, economy of the state of Ghana was being propped-up with proceeds from the cocaine trade. These foul-mouthed NDC bigots, after engaging in such shameful act of recklessness, then went to lie prostrate before the appointment committee in parliament and apologized profusely and they are all ministers today. Where in the civilized world can these people engage in such electioneering buffoonery and still qualify to become ministers of state?!!!

Meanwhile, in November, 1999, when Atta-Mills was the vice president of this nation, the then NDC deputy minister for youth and sports, Prof. Patrick Addy, opening a workshop, dubbed, “eradicating streetism in the next millennium” announced that, quote; “Ghana has become number one among African countries in narcotic drug trafficking”.

That report was filed by Emelia Gifty Appoh (a GIJ intern) and published in the Tuesday, 30th November, 1999 edition of the Ghanaian Chronicle. And here is what the report exactly says: “Ghana has become number one among African countries in narcotic drugs trafficking. This was disclosed by the Deputy Minister for Youth and Sports, Professor Patrick Addy, at the opening ceremony of a two-day workshop on ‘eradicating streetism in the next millennium’. Prof. Addy said many Ghanaians have become so money-minded and grossly materialistic that they behave as if our main objective in life is money. Because of this, people have resorted to bad modes of acquisition of wealth such that scores of Ghanaians export or attempt to export Indian hemp”. Now, the NDC takes over the reigns of government again in 2008, and they immediately declare that cocaine was in short supply on the Ghanaian drug scene as a result of very ‘stringent’ measures put in place by the ‘cocaine-busting Czar’, Atta-Mills.

These self delusional hypocrites continued with their senseless propaganda until a drug-bust, which was said to be the largest in our nation’s history, was made in Germany. Another ‘huuuuge’ bust was also made at the Aviance Cargo Terminal not long after the German bust. We have had chewing-gums ‘chameleoning’ into cocaine, and some of our citizens, still slipping pellets of cocaine down their throats, like balls of ‘Akple’ with ‘Fetsir Dekyie’(Okro-Soup).Here, I would ask my in-laws in Tegbi-Gbedegbor,in the Volta Region, to please bear with me, for the analogy.

Now, on the front page of the (12/5/10) edition of the Daily Graphic newspaper, is a publication that; “there has been an influx of drug moguls from Latin American states into our country under the guise of bringing investments”, and that, these “drug barons were exploiting the conducive business climate and political stability to establish bases in Ghana and other west African countries, to conduct their illicit business in drugs”.

Coincidentally, the Ghanaian Times newspaper publication of the same very day (12/5/10), said there has been a 947% rise in foreign investments in Ghana in the first quarter of this year!!!Now, who are those behind all these investments and what is the source of their gargantuan financial muscle? Indeed, the straw that broke the camel’s back was the arrest of ten solid drug curriers on a single plane from the Kotoka Airport to the United States of America.

First of all, there is enough evidence on the ground that clearly points to the fact that cocaine is still being brought into our country, without much hindrance. This is because, puppy plants are not cultivated in this country and for people to be able to easily gain access to the drug to enable ten people to muster enough courage to carry huge quantities through all the security checks at our airport, under the regime of a leader who went and stripped ‘naked’ at the airport for him to be examined due to his serious abhorrence to the drug trade, then I can only conclude that these drug-lords are being this daring, because some people in officialdom, under the current administration, have definitely been compromised. Or could it be that these drugs that are currently being trafficked, within and out of our country, were all brought in during the NPP administration? The narcotic control board people came and told us that they could not apprehend those ten people who were onboard that U.S bound flight because they were prevented by some American security crew at our airport. This excuse is the most infantile utterance to have come from our nation’s security outfit and whoever made that statement would have been fired, instantly, from his job, if we had a president who had a solid testicular fortitude. But unfortunately, our dear nation has around her neck, a lame-duck leader who has been totally eclipsed by an army of extremely greedy bastards, who allow the president to act, only, when the smooth running of their gravy-train is threatened.

Now, the alleged inability of the NACOB officials to apprehend those ten drug-curriers in order to stop them from boarding that U.S. bound flight brings to mind, how the same national security officials were able to halt the flight of a British Airways plane carrying Asamoah Boateng and his family.

I very well remember Samuel Okudzato Ablakwa,at the time, throwing his now very well-filled body frame about by telling the good people of this nation that that British airways plane was within the jurisdiction of the state of Ghana and we therefore had every authority to virtually seize the plane, if need be. However ,ten people carrying drugs from the shores of Ghana were totally ‘out of coverage area’ to our ‘highly dexterous’ security agencies as a result of muscle-flexing by some foreign security officials.Here,my question to Samuel Okudzato-Ablakwa is simply this; what happened to our territorial sovereignty in this ‘cocainocracy’ saga under the ‘angelic’ drug-busting-Czar Atta-Mills? A report carried on Radio Gold Morning Show of (6/5/9) had it that “President Atta-Mills has directed that scanning machines be installed at the VVIP-section of the Kotoka International Airport to prevent government officials from carrying narcotics outside the country”. Now, the question is; are these equipments in-place and do government officials go through them?

With all these current cocaine seizures, it is evidently clear, therefore, that drugs are still flowing into the country, unhindered. This in turn, gives credence to the fact that the drug trade has no respect for pseudo social democrats and that plain lies and vile propaganda cannot wish away this menace. The best way to fight this menace is to tackle it from a nationalistic point of view and cut-out all these political buffoonery by the NDC.

And as I have always said; Ghana, under the administration of ‘Baba-go-slow’ Atta-Mills, is indeed, in the hands of a cabal of insipid clowns who have absolutely no clue as regards governance. These property-looting pseudo social democrats are simply toying with the destiny of our great nation, by groping in the dark and falling over one-another like an army of maggots scrambling over some human-waste in a pit-latrine.

Ghanaians must, therefore, rise up and confront this visionless and lies-laden administration, for our own good, beause, this kind of change by ‘baba-go-slow’ Atta-Mills, is certainly evil and the direction is perilously apocalyptic!!!

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei E-mail: justnoff@yahoo.com

Columnist: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku