‘Dumsor’: The intermitted power supply, whatever goes around the NDC, comes around the NPP

Dumsor 1 610x400 Fluctuation of electricity in Ghana during Mahama’s administration was a bitter experience

Thu, 15 Apr 2021 Source: Joel Savage

The intermittent power supply, popularly known as ‘dumsor’ in Ghana, didn’t only hit Mahama’s administration but also was a catalyst for the fall of the NDC government in 2016.

The fluctuation of electricity in Ghana during Mahama’s administration was a bitter experience that sparked anger, political unrest, and demonstrations against the NDC government.

It was a perfect time and an opportunity for the NPP political party to use it against the NDC, with an assurance that everything will be perfect and nothing like that sort would never happen in Ghana again.

Who doesn’t like the continuous flow of electric current? Nobody is prepared to pass through such a bitter experience again, after the collapse of many businesses and the loss of jobs, therefore, the NDC lost the elections to the NPP.

However, the elders used to say that people mustn’t be happy over someone’s misfortune because they don’t know what they might face tomorrow.

But in politics, the story is different, the opposition always looks for something to use against other political parties, therefore, the NPP got the best of the ‘dumsor’ inconveniences to using against the NDC.

The electricity crisis leads to protests in Accra. Some celebrities in the movie industry were among the demonstrators, pouring insults on the former president, John Mahama, requesting him to step down for a better government to take over the crisis.

During the demonstration, a Ghanaian film actress by the name of Yvonne Nelson, on her Twitter page, led the protest against ‘Dumsor,’ with the hashtag #DumsorMustStop but in the current crisis under the Nana Akufo Addo government, the film actress is nowhere to be found.

What goes around, comes around, the ‘dumsor’ problems the NPP used against the NDC have come back to haunt them.

The question many Ghanaians are asking is where are the demonstrators that poured insults on John Mahama to do the same to Nana Akufo Addo?

Ghana indeed is a miserable country that will not only be ruined by the impact of corruption but also tribalism and nepotism.

Columnist: Joel Savage