Duplicates, Triplicates and Quadruplicates

Thu, 9 May 2013 Source: Goka, Frank

…But Once in Analysis?

“How Tsatsu induced Bawumia to confess”

Written by:

Frank Goka

A good old adage goes “Be careful of what you wish for; because you might get it all”. Indeed, you might get it all “and some more” as my Airborne folks will proudly echoed from Tamale. Usually, the adnexa that come with our fervent wishes …well, could be good or bad sometimes. But what happens when that appendage happens to be the gallbladder—full of bitter secretion called bile that will make someone frowns his face, spits and even vomit; as in the case of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) of Ghana?

Verily, the NPP in their attempt to imbibe “Hope” in their sympathizers and resurrect a moribund elephant, wittingly and cunningly proposed the live coverage of the on-going 2012 Election Petition Hearing at the Supreme Court. A proposal they vehemently knew the ruling NDC and most discerning Ghanaians might raise objection to for good reasons. Yes, the objections were raised amidst cogent explanations which even the Supreme Court fully endorsed initially. But at the eleven-and-half hour, the CJ issued a veto to approbate the live coverage, which I see as a blessing in disguise for many Ghanaians because alternate to the NPPs psychological and propaganda motives, it has indeed offered the chance for us to see the anal part of the fowl even before the wind blows.

To proceed, May I throw a disclaimer that, I don’t intend to prejudicate the battle of the “Pink Sheets” in the Supreme Court currently. I am only commenting on what was aired live to the viewing of the world these few days. Obviously, the live coverage has given us the opportunity to see how the mathematical acronym—BODMAS (Bracket Over Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction) is being implemented at the Supreme Court as some Pink Sheets went through multiplication, some subtracted (deleted) and some were added. This was a rare opportunity that many of us capitalized to read puzzles on Dr. Bawumia’s face and heard his constant epistrophe of “…but only used once in the analysis” emanating from the witness box, in his frantic quest to downgrade his Party’s intention of using duplicates, triplicates and in some instances quadruplicate pink sheets with different or same exhibit numbers to “deceive the court”—as “Suggested” by the NDC’s able Lawyers.

Throughout the jabbing, I took a critical notice of a unique moment which to me, confirmed why the NPP is scared of Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata—the Alex Ferguson of Law in Ghana and beyond. I don’t know if most of you captured that moment but certainly, that was the period I thought Tsatsu would end it all, but as usual to these luminaries one could not predict them. Any reader, who followed the proceedings up to date, will attest to Dr. Bawumia’s acceptance of the multiplications of the pink sheets and his much proclaimed “...but only used once in the final analysis”. Good! Then, there was this simple but heavyweight question spewed by Tsatsu:

Lawyer Tsatsu: “Dr. Bawumia, are you now realizing the duplications for the first time in court?”

Dr. Bawumia: “No my Lords. Actually the lawyer for the third respondent revealed that and said (I forget the exact statement)”

His answer to that question drew a sharp rebuttal from Lawyer Tony Lither who stated “Dr. Bawumia, please don’t misquote me; I said you duplicated to deceive the court”. So Dr. Bawumia ONLY got to know of the duplications in court; neither at his house nor Nana Akuffo Addo’s house and surely not the Party’s Headquarters.

The Moment of Truth

To analyze that brief moment, let me ask this basic question: If Dr. Bawumia claimed he used each of the duplicates and triplicates ONCE in his FINAL ANALYSIS (days or months before the court hearing), and now admitted KNOWLEDGE of the multiplications for the FIRST TIME in court after a week of court hearing; what tells that he DID NOT use the replicates in his final analysis since he did not know of their existence prior? I see the probability of usage to be 100% because he did not know and would have used each of the copies the same way as the “unblemished” ones in the final analysis!

This is how my legal icon—Tsatsu nailed Bawumia to inferentially admit their bedroom asexual production of Pink Sheets to beef their numbers, and I am glad it came to me live from Ghana Television (GTV) via the internet. The truth, they say no matter how deep it is planted, it will surely come to surface one day; and with my prophetic mind, I could foresee open confessions and apology to Ghanaians soon. By the way, did someone notice Mr. Jake Obetsebi Lamptey allergic reactions to Lawyer Tsakata’s piercing questions? Be curious next please!


Columnist: Goka, Frank