E-Learning assessment and matters arising

Wed, 17 Jun 2020 Source: Chris Appiah-Badu

Greetings to the entire Pentecost University community. I hope we are all staying safe, sending everyone love and blessings.

This communique is addressed to the University community, as I engage you on ways the Student Representative Council (SRC) should be proactive in their ways, to ensure no one is left behind in the E-learning assessment.

With just few weeks to final exams, there are pressing issues that have not been addressed by the SRC.

1. The outcome of the reduction of fees.

The SRC in it's communique last week assured the students' body that there was a consensus between the institutions management and the SRC on fees reduction. It is quite worrying that a week has passed, and there is no official communication from the SRC on payment plans.

2. No time table for E-learning exams.

Management is yet to release a time table for the proposed E-LEARNING ASSESSMENT, which is worrying.

Genuinely, giving the benefit of doubt, maybe management is still working around the clock to properly communicate a well structured time table for level 100-300.

Irrespective of that, the SRC should be proactive and communicate to the student body, not to wait for agitations from students.

3. Examination type of assessment.

There are widespread concerns on how distasteful students are on how quizzes and AI's have been conducted on the LMS.

The time based quiz, with the time limit being between the range of 45 minutes to an hour is not the best option, and if exams will be conducted using that very format, a lot of students will be at a disadvantage.

Some students with network issues will spend more than 3 minutes to refresh to the next page.

E-learning in it's essence should be assessed with a laptop, not a mobile phone. A mobile phone comes with it's own distractions.

What if your phone 'freezes'?

What if a call comes through (which interrupts the internet)


1. The SRC should be proactive more than reactive in their engagement with the student body. Criticism is different from insults.

Students deserve to know the outcome of the said meeting on the reduction of fees.

2. The SRC should also provide the entire student body updates with regards to the time table.

If we are to go by the communique from management last three weeks, and i stand to be corrected, this week (starting from Monday 15th June 2020) is revision week, yet there is no indication of a time table.

3. Learning from what other institutions such as University of Professionals Studies, examination assessment should take the format of *Take Home Assessment* or *Essay Type Questions* where students will be given 48-72 hours time frame to submit on the LMS.

4. Management, and the next SRC administration should work closely in ensuring the provision of laptops.

(I) By providing guarantees; serving as guarantors for students who pay 75% of their fees Or

(II) Make it optional, for students to be billed with quality and affordable laptops.

COVID-19 has exposed the inequality in our education, laptop shouldn't be a luxury but rather a necessity.

In my concluding remarks, we all want to see a working proactive SRC and criticism are not insults, so if you are criticizing the SRC, don't stop, but for those that engage in insults, shame on you, please stop.

Columnist: Chris Appiah-Badu