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Fri, 8 Mar 2019 Source: Ekow Arthur-Aidoo

Just when we thought the issue of militias, thugs, vigilantes, criminals or whatever you call them will finally come to an end, a political party chairman, supposedly an elder of a church is heard glorifying the actions of these deadly and evil groups.

In a voice recording making rounds, this elder cum party chairman is heard clearly confessing that members of the eagle-sitting-atop-an-umbrella militia group, the Azorka Boys, were brought from Tamale to the Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency because the ruling Elephant militia Kandahar Boys were already taking a center stage at the constituency.

The supposed Church of Pentecost elder, who probably knows the Bible than some area or district pastors claims that the decision of the Umbrella Party to withdraw from the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election was “not a cowardice decision” but, a “strategic operation” because the Umbrella’s militia group, Azorka Boys, on the election day were outnumbered by the Elephant’s Kandahar Boys, hence if it rained they won’t get an umbrella to cover themselves.

“We will go after them but, we will not go after them face to face. We have to use tactical approaches to make life very uncomfortable for some of them. We will target some people and we will let people know that their lives are in danger. I want to assure you that we will go all out to ensure that as Yohane Mahama said when it comes to this game, in fact, we are better than them,” he said.

The speaker on the tape is heard announcing a smear campaign to portray the ruling Elephant President as violent and the use of insults to chip at the reputation of the Peace Council and the Electoral Commission chairperson.

“We should not focus on the IGP. He is like a civilian. We must situate the communication on the president who is the Commander-in-Chief and who controls the security agencies and how he has shown his true colours as a very violent person.”

You see when I first wrote that politicians in this country are hypocrites and irresponsible people, some thought I wasn’t fair in my analysis.

Is the election supposed to be a battle of militias or a contest to be decided by the thumb?

So the hurried press conference that stated that the Umbrella was pulling out of the election because of the incidence at their candidate’s house was bloody lies from a chairman who is a follower of Yeshua Hamashia and probably has no fear for Jehovah Elohim.

In all these, ask yourself who constitutes these militias. They are young people. Young people with fresh blood flowing through their veins that they can probably use in working to make our country better, greater and stronger than what our forefathers left us.

The kids, siblings, cousins and other family members of this Umbrella chairman won’t be part of any of the plot that he is giving to his party folks yet, people won’t be wise in seeing this; rather they will gladly go and do as is said to them.

If he, the master planner, can plan such a plot - joining all the coordinates - to arrive at a certain goal, won’t make his family folks the leaders of these plots, why should a young person, full of life, lead such a bloody plot?

Such evil acts, are not exclusive to the opposition Umbrella; the ruling Elephant party is guilty as well. These so-called elders of these two political parties will hide and push people to violence. After some precious lives are lost, they will come back and sympathize with their families, donating peanuts that won’t resurrect their beloved – such utter nonsense!

Tell me, how many victims of such political clashes are still being cared for by the political parties that sent them?

After 62 years of trial and error - believing that our democracy will be like America’s or other developed countries’ or even better - we are still brooding and grooming criminals to plunge our country into chaos.

And oh, what is this about doctoring of tapes these evil-minded Ele-infantiles and Umbrelliars talk about whenever they are exposed?

Come on guys, we should grow above this pettiness and stop glorifying wrongdoing.

An Umbrella propaganda secretary - oooh it has now been changed to communications director - a gentleman who started on a good note with a promising career in politics has ruined it big time. Obviously those leading such a young promising man taught him that the only way he can make it big was to tell lies. He insisted that even though the voice was ‘sounding like’ that of the Eagle-atop-an-umbrella national chairman’s, it’s been doctored.

If the audio has been doctored what is preventing the Umbrelliars from producing the original tape?

This, he claims is designed as a diversionary tactic to provide the government with a reprieve from the content of a documentary on illegal mining [galamsey] by investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, which puts the government in bad light.

What an Ele-infantile response and assertion from an Umbrelliar? When will these party executives admit for once that their actions put the country in great danger?

It’s about time that we put it to these servants of the two main political parties that they are responsible for all the political violence that has occurred in this country.

Will they let their family folks or kids lead the young able-bodied men to engage in such violence for a change?

Let’s reflect on the lyrics of this Ephraim Amu song; it will surely touch our hearts and minds.

Ma Oman yi mu ns3m nny3 wo ahias3m

Na dwen ho anopa, awia ne abr3 nyinaa

S3 wobo mpae a kae Ghana

Sufr3 wo nyankopon fa Ghana hy3 no nsa

3no na woy3 Oman bapa

3no na woy3 odo

Odo ma wo man

3no ara na y3re hwehw3

Odo ma wo man

3no ara na ehia

I shall return!

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