EKOWRITES: Ghana, 2 years as a pensioner

Akufo Addo Independence President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo

Tue, 19 Mar 2019 Source: Ekow Arthur-Aidoo

This month of March, we celebrate our Nation Ghana’s birthday.

Just as the African proverb goes, “When the narrator is the hunter, he will always glorify himself, until the lion learns how to narrate or write its own story.

So, Ghana on March 6 celebrated its 62nd independence anniversary and then what happens next?

The facts are emerging that an African governor of the Gold Coast who hails from the Akwamufie in the Eastern Region had the original keys to the Osu Castle and never released it.

In fact when I shared the story published on GhanaWeb to my class group page a friend remarked, “The Akwamu’s were the first to organize a coup d'état in this country.”

If Ghana was to be a human being working in the public sector, she should be on pension by now, despite her many coup d’états and self sabotage.

Ghana should have been celebrating two years as a pensioner but wait ooo, will Ghana be a happy pensioner looking at all the ills of this country?

From the bribery, corruption, nepotism, tribalism, Cedi depreciation to the dumsor (power cuts), how will the pensioned Ghana have responded?

Our opposition have almost always seen everything that the ruling government does as bad and vice versa.

This is not the way to go if we want to build a strong nation for future generations.

Prior to election 2016, the current president and his running mate organized lectures upon lectures to criticize the previous administration.

Today, the things they talked about in opposition are the very same things happening.

Dumsor is shamefully back and the heat is unbearable, high cost of living, Cedi depreciation against the dollar, high unemployment, bribery and corruption, a poor educational system with some nonsense red-gold-green track system are the norm.

Pensioner Ghana forgets that it is the ordinary cocoa farmer in Sefwi-Wiawso, whose small harvest helps to sustain the pensioner Ghana.

62 years after independence we keep preaching Ghana beyond aid yet the pensioner Ghana still holds her cup in hand seeking assistance from Shanghai to Rio de Janeiro. What can the pensioner Ghana show for her many years of work.

If the pensioner Ghana were relaxed in her deck chair, thinking of her work in active service and her current situation, she will surely die a premature death; the thought of her current situation will be enough to send her to the land of our ancestors.

Isn’t it sad that at 62, the pensioner Ghana has trained professionals who cannot speak based on their professional expertise, but rather speak in favour of those in power all the time?

Ghana as a pensioner will surely be thinking of how she will be treated if she visits either the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Tamale Teaching Hospital, Cape Coast Teaching Hospital or the Effia Nkwanta Hospital.

But how did pensioner Ghana create hospitals which end up giving people sickness?

62 years after independence, Tema once the industrial city is in disarray.

Nothing works in Ghana. Her children, the current public servants and civil servants close at 4.30 pm instead of 5.00 pm and instead of getting into the office by 8.00 am they get there at 9.00 am. When they arrive, their first point of call is Social Media, either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp. They spend good productive hours there. What kind of pension do they expect?

At 62, pensioner Ghana still defecates at the beach and in the bush, and only one percent of her institutional waste is processed!

Pensioner Ghana as a human being will surely feel pity for itself and die.

I shall return

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