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Wed, 28 Aug 2019 Source: Ekow Arthur-Aidoo

Bruce Forsyth once said: “The secret to a happy marriage is if you can be at peace with someone within four walls, if you are content because the one you love is near to you, either upstairs or downstairs, or in the same room and you feel that warmth that you don’t find very often, then that is what love is all about.”

Clem, I may not sound as one of your counselors but one thing I am for sure is that finding that best friend in your ‘wife to be’ is a greater step of having a fun-filled marriage life.

From the day that you told me about your intentions to tie the knot with Jennifer (one of the greatest names I love), I have kept my eyes on the ‘road’ counting to this very day bro, and it is all like a dream.

Even though I am extremely happy for you, the burden has then fallen on us who have been in this bachelorhood together for over decades. I remember during Louisa’s wedding Fritz whispered to me ‘Clem is gradually moving away from us the bachelors.’ Honestly, we are grateful you have made such a big move for us to follow someday.

Clem, today I will like to share some nuggets of having a successful marriage life, it may not apply to everyone but at least it will as well be of a great help to you when at least you encounter some challenges in your lifelong journey of ‘no return’.

First of all, I will like you to understand that marrying Jennifer is one of the best decisions ever because I know that Jennifer is a great friend and very loyal to the bone. Jenny will do anything for a friend she has allowed into her very small, sacred, circle of trust. Once you have received her friendship in return you will find the best, most loyal true friend one could ever have. Clem you need to understand that Jennifer does not love easily, but when she loves, she does that fiercely. People like that are very loyal too. People like Jennifer won't bat an eye at another man. They are extremely smart, very nice on the streets but ‘naughty in the sheets’ (maybe you need to confirm that after Sunday…lol). They are very passionate, not only in bed, but everything in their lives. Their passion shines through every thought they speak. They are mysterious. Everyone wants to know who she is but can’t figure it out.

Having known and understood who this precious life partner is, let proceeds to the nuggets of having a successful marriage life. Please note this is in no particular order:

Time passes quickly: Yes, indeed time waits for no man. Can you imagine the kids of yesterday could be talking and brainstorming about marrying today? Well this should indicate that we are no longer ‘boys’ but full-grown men with greater responsibilities.

I will entreat you that anytime you feel the going has become very tough for you in this journey of ‘no return, you need to go back to God because as the bible says he instituted that marriage in the garden of Eden. You will become the ‘head’ of the family; mind you God is already the head of the union and you cannot do anything without his divine help and protection for your household.

There is nothing like a great or terrible marriage. All marriages have the same traits but the difference will lie in how to solve a problem when it arises.

Bruv, now that you will be walking about with a ring on your finger, bear in mind that it, however, becomes very easy for you to cheat. This is the time temptations come very easy and messing up in your marriage too comes easy. So, note it very well.

You are marrying at a time that you need Jennifer. Clem, you do indeed want her so try and remember not to run away when she starts to worry you. It is part of the journey which will make you a better person.

Many keep saying that ‘Women are difficult to live with’, but Clem note that your background is different from hers. Therefore, coming to stay together will make you guys different in so many ways just make a constant effort to tolerate her and there will be peace in your home.

It is very wonderful to have a virtuous woman in your life because they bring honour and dignity to a man’s life. A woman’s perspective, wisdom, insight, network is very wonderful.

The greatest part of every successful relationship is communication. Communicate to your partner despite the misunderstanding that might arise in your relationship.

Clem, love is not enough in marriage; rather you need to combine your love with patience, respect, trust generosity - all make it a complete union.

Sex matters in your marriage, Clem. How good your sex is will keep you closer to each other for a very long time. Note that it is not sex when one party is satisfied without the other not getting satisfied. Make sure that you give your wife orgasm and do not to focus on your ejaculation.

I wish you all the best, and make God your best adviser when you get stuck.


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