Opinions Fri, 20 Jun 2014

EOCO/NACOB/BNI – Investigate H&S Company

The Cape Coast Industrial Estate, as introduced to the government of Ghana, was supposed to be worth over $12 Billion US Dollars, a staggering amount of gargantuan proportions.

Hypothetically, this project had the approval of the China Development Bank (CDB), which was to fund its implementation with a government of Ghana share of $69 Million US Dollars. The unfortunate issue with this is that it seems to be a scam rather than a developmental project having a too-good-to-be-true plan, of course with a hint of malfeasance, as many Chinese companies come to Ghana with. The sham that tarnished its operations was quite mind-boggling with lavish lunch and dinner meetings under the guise of discussing business. Many people have been coerced unsuspectingly while they have tried to do same with government officials.

This on-going flagitious plot to deprive Ghana of the decency of gainful earnings must be halted immediately, the company shut down and its official thrown behind bars for attempting to disenfranchise 25 million Ghanaians.

What is upsetting is the accusation by the General Manager of H&S, Mr Kenneth Lim, that government seems to want to pay larger amounts for other projects, devoid of this one, that are not necessarily due in order to get a much fatter 10% kick back citing same of the $69 million Dollar payment as too small for the government officials involved to share. The insulting manner of his submission is quite precarious to the integrity of Ghana as a nation trying to build bridges across murky waters and move on.

Snippets of information have it that many foreign companies set up in Ghana, sign memoranda of understanding with government for sham projects, seal the memoranda with contractual and binding agreements that go unimplemented, albeit intentionally, for many loop-hole reasons resulting in court cases that pronounce judgments in favour of these same foreign companies, thus arriving at the infamous term “JUDGMENT DEBT”.

It is suspected that H&S is folding up and Ghanaians must sit up to keep a watchful eye lest this company comes back with legal action against the government for compensation in the billions.

The Cape Coast Industrial Estate, as beautiful and beneficial as it seems to be for this country, is only a sham. The unbelievable amount of fairy tale investment in excess of $12 Billion that stands unrealised as at now means that should there be a judgment in favour of H&S, it would certainly be in the billions too; and that would make the three years of existence of this 419 company worth the while. Unfortunately for the GM, Mr Kenneth Lim, who has been sacked for his dubiousness and over stealing from the company’s coffers, as the outside world is made to believe, is now under investigation by a government agency whose name has not been identified, thus far. His subordinate Chinese employees are involved in illicit trade of ivory and narcotics and that is to be expected, for such unbecoming business is the bread and butter of the Orientals.

In this regard, we beseech the EOCO (Economic and Organised Crime Office) of Ghana to delve into the matter of H&S and Kenneth Lim to avert a possible judgment debt scenario that would be detrimental to the progress of this nation, which Ghanaians are so feverishly trying to bring to bear on their lives.

Also, we plead with NACOB (Narcotics Control Board) and BNI (Bureau for National Investigation) to investigate them. Ghanaians are tired of these Chinese companies wreaking havoc on our societies and nation as a whole. We have suffered for far too long to allow the nihilists of modern day autocracy deal us the submissive knockout punch into servitude and neo-slavery.

Wake up Ghana!

Columnist: Amega, Prosper