Volta Region, NDC World Bank Of Votes Cheating

Sat, 28 Apr 2012 Source: Sarpong, Justice

, Man With 300 Cards

The Biometric registration system is supposed to correct voting fraud of double, tripple or more voting by one person and to weed out minors from voting but we have observed with great anxiety how some people have been able to cheat this sytem. I am really in conniption with what is going on. We all read in this forum how one Laryea was able to register 15 times without the scanner able to filther him out by his fingerprint until he tried to register the 16th time on his way to 20 regiastrations to merit a two hundred cedis payment from the NDC heros fund . The germinal of this exercise has given the opposition NPP a lot to worry about and a hsien might be needed to avoid election day mayhem. We thought somebody registering fifteen times is the worst we were going to hear but NDC operatives have a lot of registration tricks in its bag of magic NPP will need divine intervention on voting day to send Agya Atta Mills to a permanent political retirement.

The news coming from NDC world Bank of votes, Volta Region is really scary and on few occassions that we hear about it, the news is hidden in places where you need Fort Knox security clearance to access this news. How many of us read this news about an NDC registration agent with almost 300 registration cards? Yes, you heard me alright, one Wisdom Gawoe has in his possession almost three hundred registration cards.

"A 48-year-old farmer at Shia in the Ho Municipality of the Volta Region, Wisdom Gawoe, is before court for unlawfully possessing 20 biometric registration cards and 60 receipts. Wisdom Gawoe, a polling agent of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) at Shia, was arrested by a Ho Municipal Police Patrol team, for collecting Biometric Voter Identity cards from people on the pretext that they contained errors that had to be corrected. The prosecutor said the police suspect that he possessed about 216 more cards that the police were tying to locate."

How can this happen by somebody recruited by NDC to reconnoiter the registration process? Whose registration cards are this NDC agent collecting? Believe me, this guy lives in the community and know the few NPP supporters and it is these supporters cards this man is fraudulently collecting without a cumshaw and you and I know where these cards will end up, in the hands of unqualified people who NDC will give these cards to. Believe me, either these people will not have the chance to vote for the NPP or these cards through 'Houdinistic' magic trick will cast votes for NDC on December 7th 2012.

"Prosecuting, Inspector Sheila Odae told the Ho Municipal Magistrate Court that on April 18, 2012, a police patrol team was monitoring the registration exercise and on reaching Shia, which shares a border with the Republic of Togo, it had intelligence that the accused had collected an unspecified number of cards and receipts from some people"

We are talking about the Ketu South constituency here. This is the famous constituency that usually have about 15,000 registered voters but usually turns in twice the number of votes than the number of registered voters. Who knows where these cards would have ended up? Believe me, for every Gawoe caught, there are nine Gawoes that got away. Multiply 300 registered cards by 9 and we have 2,700 phantom voters in one constituency alone. For the sake of guessing, multiply 2700 phantom votes with how many constituencies we have in this region. This number does not include minors who have been registered. That is a world Bank of votes indeed.

"She said, Gawoe had made it a habit to collect ID cards from people who had registered, with the explanation that corrections had to be made on them. Inspector Odae said that when the accused was questioned, he admitted the offence. Counsel for the accused, Mr. Ernest Gaewu applied for bail but the judge, Justice Augustine Akusa-am refused saying the gravity of the offence and the accused’s geographical proximity to the Republic of Togo posed a flight risk."

"Oyiwa" this time around, the Togo/Ghana border will be wide opened for the Togolese to trickle in and cast votes for their NDC brothers and sisters in Volta region. Who is watching Volta Region to make sure that minors are not even registering? Two sundays ago, I was listening to the Kotoko Hearts match commentary and after the match, I bleft my computer on and then about one hour later when they were broadcasting the news, it was announced that, the NDC National Chairman has made town criers to beat gong-gong in villages in Biakoye constituency that, everybody in every house should go and register and should not worry about what age they are.

Folks, a lot is going on in Siberia(Volta Region).just laugh it off, no harm intended, that NPP officials are not privy to and will not complain about because there is hardly anything they can do about it. Dr. Ohene's almost decapitation in 2008 is fresh in their minds and NDC has deftly declawed the few brave folks in NPP, Kennedy Agyapong and Usurla Owusu from talking now. It is freedom at last for NDC Voltarians to register even their dogs. Who is going to prevent them? The IGP or Mr I am not a Policeman Mills the ceremonial President?

Even in the presence of President Mills, the deputy Volta Region Minister, Ametepe told Ewes to beat up NPP Akan registration observers including Electoral Commission officials with Akan names if they interfere in preventing any Ewe from registering. I hope NPP officials are collating all these evidence for future references because I can see terribly things happening on voting day in December 2012.

"NSUO EBETO, MFRAMA DIKAN" NDC has just revealed a little of the planned mayhem they intend to inflict on its opponents.

NDC officials have found out that, mammpnism is respected in Ghanaian culture. They have tasted its fruit and it tastes so good, the Religion of Mammonism is what the castle rats are practicing and they are not ready to give it up. As the chief corrupt Official at the castleVice President Mahama said, they will use the BULLDOZER to trample on their opponent and Mr 'Tenpercenter' Vice President Mahama is not ready to give the forbidden fruit of Mammonism away.


Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas


Columnist: Sarpong, Justice