Betty gets F with poor grammar and spellings

Wed, 25 Jan 2012 Source: Amponsah, Jerry

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– and falls on the dagger!

Worry no more about the jeopardy of the nation’s educational system; recording a massive failure in last year’s B.E.C.E. results – the then educational head is not even clean! She goofed with a fat pitch.

Maybe Betty Mould-Iddrisu needs to go back to the basic level (or pupils’ class one) and master spellings through “Dictation.” She needs some English lessons.

No wonder the nation’s educational system is going down in haste. Schoolchildren performed poorly under a poor minister.

If the then Minister of Education doesn’t even know spellings; could easily disgrace herself on a global platform, how does one expect schoolchildren to pass their examinations? Her grotesque weakness is appalling. Maybe, she thought she was dealing with a group of imbeciles; do anything and get away with it.

She posted an error-filled – and even lacking a full stop (.) – comment while she was at the same time talking about education: “acommodation” for accommodation, “asessment” for assessment, and “unaccetability” for unacceptability.

On Thursday, January 19, she laid a political grenade revealing a clear commingle of imbecility and incompetence – when showing a hypocritical solidarity for schoolteachers – on the social networking site, Facebook:

“I speak of more teachers accomodation being built all over Ghana and especially in the rural deprived communities, competency based asessments so headteachers are trained to manage, building teachers capacity, GES being alive to the unaccetability of not paying teachers for months, govt providing incentives and packages including facilitating purchase of means of transport, arrears and allowances paid promptly ..tbc,” posted by the just resigned Minister of Education, Betty Mould-Iddrisu.

That was a devastating and horrible performance by Ghana’s education chief, and got dozens of dumbasses – who live on another planet – to applaud her.

It’s too bad for the then education guru to tweet such lines riddled with errors. Someone must tell her to improve on it.

After shining light on her poorly tweeted grammar, I’d couple of her sympathizers who came to her defense and described it as “trivial.”

She knows that “competency based on (her) assessment,” did not qualify her to be where she was.

If the performances of schoolchildren are rated, so do that of the captain of the ship, too. The failed students may feel relieved if they learn that the self-yanked Education Minister has issues with spelling and grammar.

What you do makes you; her defects have become her.

She got it wrong in a row; left it on her page to roll – and it’s still rolling.

You can even ask her what she achieved since she took over the sinking ship and the answer will be simple: Zero. She’s no idea on how to fix the mess in Ghana’s education.

Through this same woman, the nation has mysteriously lost “gargantuan” sum of 52 million Ghana cedis to Alfred Agbesi Woyome.

She was nearly yanked from government as the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, but later was saved by the Ministry of Education – and that is an area that is not of importance to the Mills-Mahama government.

And this made her go ballistic on the social utility to launch her extreme frustration with an improper grammar and ugly spelling.

Surprisingly, in less than a week after going public with her feelings, she fell on the dagger.

Jerry Amponsah (Sabbato) NPP Communication Group New York

Columnist: Amponsah, Jerry