Economic terrorism & fiscal tyranny

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Thu, 7 Jul 2016 Source: Dabbousi, Fadi

I have been reading an overdose of crap and gibberish that really make no sense except to flamboyantly weave words into statements that would at best be described as insalubrious.

There is-of course-the articles of many sleazy freaks like Michael Bokor JK, who has the effrontery to describe Nana Akufo-Addo as "slimy" in his article, "On development projects: Akufo-Addo has no moral right to win voters support". That is what really prompts the heavy language that we use to reply them. After all, we have promised that we shall reply them in incommensurate measures as we deem fit.

Anyway, the import of his article is to say that the Chiefs who have endorsed Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo are two timing bandits, breaching the codes of Royalty.

But who are the first culprits of political endorsements? How about the chiefs of the Volta Region and a few other confused ones in other regions who endorsed John Mahama for Land Cruiser gifts and money? Are they beyond castigation because they wore the wrong NDC crown on their heads? Some people are really hapless, thoughtless, and senseless.

Why doesn't Nana Akufo-Addo have the moral right to win voter support when it comes to projects? Was he not the one who created, both, the Commercial and Fast Track Courts? Was he not the one who streamlined the course of delivering justice in Ghana that all enjoy today?

Was he not the one who brought respect and dignity to the degraded name of Ghanaians when he became Foreign Minister by his extraordinary diplomacy? Won't you ever wonder why he is so loved and respected internationally? This has nothing to do with sycophancy because it is reality, pure and unadulterated.

What is it about Akufo-Addo that ticks the NDC bandits? Is it his impeccable reputation as an incorruptible person? Or is it the Power that he commands as a regular citizen? Let it be known to the haters that all the sludge that is shot his way ricochets and comes flying right back into the faces of the NDC zombies.

Besides, John Mahama has superintended over the worst economy ever made manifest in Ghana. He has superintended on the worst form of canker and corruption in the history of Ghana. Sterling Motors is said to be his under the watch of Ibrahim Mahama by way of a hired third party, and it is also said that since 2009 till date, an amount of over 180 million US Dollars was wasted on Land Cruisers, most of which were procured from that company for government and gifts to the same chiefs and psychos who endorsed the President.

John Mahama hardly tells the truth; when he makes a statement, it is either to camouflage rot somewhere or to cover up some deal gone bad and rotten. Ghanaians refer to him as "B)hy3b)" President, meaning "Promise President", albeit promise and fail president.

The price of fuel is at astronomical heights and still soaring; the price of electricity is so high that it costs the Ghanaian twice the rent of their accommodation. Taxes are colossal. NHIA has collapsed, and yesterday word was out that they did not have enough money to pay for their printouts.

Saada is so stinky that even hyenas are driven away by its nauseating stench; Gyeeda is the most disgraceful setup ever, reeking of smelly rot, "katse hy3 ne mproy3 kan kan".

The Ameri deal was an avenue for grand theft of 290 million US Dollars; the much touted circle interchange is a disaster in the making because it is sinking, and what is worse is the fact that it was overpriced by well over 90 million dollars; the kasoa interchange is just as insufferable.

This is what the book, "59 Years To Nowhere", has to say on pages 8&9 about John Mahama's fiscal tyranny and economic terrorism:

"Such disastrous slips of the currency had only occurred in the instances of NDC governance under the auspices of Presidents Jerry John Rawlings and John Dramani Mahama. As it is now, the situation prevails in the failing and shambolic system. It was thus suspected, as was making the rounds within the business circles, that the flammable fiscal situation.

Page 9 was played to the advantage of the big gurus so much so that the cedi was allowed to depreciate and soon cushioned to appreciate. By depreciating the cedi, hundreds of millions of US dollars were liquidated, silently with much collusion. Then it was cushioned to appreciate its value.

When that happened, the profits accrued from the earlier sale were re-converted to US Dollars. The resulting profits, usually, were not less than 200,000 USD (two hundred thousand US Dollars) per one million US Dollars. It was said that such was their ploy in this regard, enriching themselves in dubiously smart ways.

It was more like scamming the nation because the profits that they acquired translated into losses that people and businesses shared in. Imagine how much money they made liquidating billions of US Dollars in this manner.

To help you with the mathematics, for each amount of one billion US Dollars, they would have pocketed some comfortable two hundred million US Dollars. And many billions were involved.

The artificial manipulation of the economy created a real crisis that swirled out of the government’s control. That is another grave reason why Ghanaians are suffering under the auspices of His Excellency John Dramani Mahama’s rule."

A word to the wise


Columnist: Dabbousi, Fadi