Eddie Annan lied to Ghanaians

Wed, 27 Feb 2013 Source: Ibrahim, Mohammed Saani

There are fears that President John Dramani Mahama will be surrounding himself, and his government with liars if he fails to put his foot on the ground and take decisions that will inure to the betterment of the whole nation.

It has been debated all over that late President Mills has failed the people because of the kind of people he brought into his government. Most of these people have been described in one vein as ‘greedy bastards’ and in another, ‘babies with sharp teeth,’ and ‘self centred Methuselahs.’

The caretaker Board Chairman of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Board, Dr Eddie Annan, according to sources is lobbying seriously to be retained as the Chairman of the Board. Meanwhile his attitude and work for the few months he has been in that position showed nothing but gross failure, but he continues to lie to the people of Ghana just to win the favour of the President in retaining him in that position.

According to sources, Eddie Annan is alleged to have been spending almost all his time at the Presidency to see to it that his dreams come true. But be it as it may, the source said, the President, John Dramani Mahama is not ready to work with people who cannot be trusted and people who were unable to manage the positions given to them well, indicating that there is the possibility that Eddie Annan will be booted out.

It is however interesting that, Eddie Annan is still struggling to win the hearts of the people after lying to them on several occasions as far as the rot they, himself, Prof. Afua Hesse, Prof. Otu Nartey and host of others plundered the hospital into.

The latest lie Eddie Annan told had to do with the fact that he claimed not to have signed any contract at the hospital in his capacity as Board Chairman.

But, checks conducted at the hospital have proven that Eddie Annan has his signature on a service contract document between the Board and Godfred Ahianyo.

This paper can authoritatively say that Eddie Annan has signed a service contract with Godfred Ahianyo a member of the Hospital’s Board, as chairman of the Board’s Three-member committee to audit various processes at the Directorates and Sub BMCs and the latter is to be paid emoluments equivalent to that of a permanent staff of the hospital.

Godfred Ahianyo was to be entitled to a monthly allowance of GH¢2,900.00, a duty post vehicle, duty post accommodation, monthly telephone credit of GH¢60,00, and in addition enjoy any other facilities/benefits which are enjoyed by senior staff of the hospital.

But with all these, Eddie Annan was on Joy Fm denying the fact that he has never signed any contract and that if he is found to have signed any, he is ready to resign his position.

Speaking to some people on the matter, they averred that Eddie Annan’s claims were borne out of ignorance. “You see Eddie Anna doesn’t know what he is saying, he doesn’t know what contract is, that is why he is talking that way,” a renowned business man indicated.

According another business man, because Eddie Annan doesn’t know the role he is to lay as Board Chairman and because of the fact that he lacks knowledge in the field for which he was appointed, he does things anyhow.

They averred that looking closely with the appointment he signed for Godfred Ahianyo, one cannot dispute the fact that the Board headed by Eddie Anna had a service contract with Godfred Ahianyo.

“If there is an offer and a response is sought from the service provider, and a consideration is given, then there is a contract. You see what I think is that Eddie Annan thinks contract is for goods or consumables. No, that is where he went wrong. Contract can be for service.”

Based on the explanations given, there is no denying fact that Eddie Annan has indeed signed contract at the hospital and hence lied to the people of Ghana on the issue just to create the impression as though the media is giving the wrong information.

The letter of appointment which he signed for Godfred Ahianyo indicates that Godfred Ahianyo will be entitled to a monthly allowance of GHc2, 900.00, which sources say he has already started receiving, a duty post vehicle, duty post accommodation, monthly telephone credit of GHc60,00, and in addition enjoy any other facilities/benefits which are enjoyed by senior staff of the hospital.

All these anomalies at the hospital have given credence to media reports that the administrative support for the Board Chairman, Eddie Annan and management of the hospital is weak.

Meanwhile, Eddie Annan and Prof. Hesse have decided to wage a media war against some journalists who have taken the pain to dig deep into the corrupt activities at the hospital and report on them as such, by using Joy fm as a means of discrediting their publications.

However, these journalists have vowed not to relent on their oars until the hospital is sanitised and the President seeing reason into the entire situation at the hospital, and how Eddie Annan cannot be trusted with that portfolio.

He has indeed betrayed late President Mills, who knows what he has in his sleeves this time round,” one of the journalists said.

This group of journalists are however calling on Eddie Annan to honour his own words and resign as all the evidence have indicated his hollow mindedness on issue of administration.

Columnist: Ibrahim, Mohammed Saani