Edebee k?k?; What After-all Does it Mean?

Tue, 6 Nov 2012 Source: Damoa, Adreba Kwaku Abrefa

Ejor bodoo; Eye zu eye za; Edebee keke are amongst the chain of slogans used by the NDC however, whereas slogans and logos are used by nations, organisations and businesses as significant connotations which identify their goals and objectives side by side their operations, conduct, actions and activities NDC slogans have little to talk about as a serious and conscientious political organisation. Going by the importance, motivation and ethos that anthems, slogans and logos as meaningful and motivational as they may be, if well interpreted and explained, the above NDC slogans have little bearing on any degree of serious-mindedness that aims at leading a nation like Ghana in governance to any level of success.

The red cockerel used for the CPP logo as well as its chooboi slogan aimed at announcing a new political dawn, an awareness supposedly proclaimed by the crowing cockerel that crows at dawn of every day break. This was supposed to have been followed by All Hands on Deck chant of chooboi. The United Party tradition of the UGCC symbolised their supposed unique leadership with the indomitable great elephant whose path if followed would be safe and securely sheltered. Eye Pro! Eye Sure! was a slogan of confidence used by the Progress Party. Today, the indomitable ‘great’ elephant as symbolised in the days of the UGCC has the Eshie Rado rado rado slogan in accompaniment. Eshie is Ga word for an elephant, whiles rado rado means shaking or tremor of creatures and organisms in its path that can be associated with the size, weight and the movement of an elephant. Besides Eshie, there is ‘All Die be Die’, a motivation to resist bullying and cheating, a phrase coined out of the Party members’ bitter electoral experiences at the Atiwa bye election in the Eastern Region of Ghana following the death of Hon Kwasi Ankomah. At least, All Die be Die has a cause and a source therefore a reasonably discernible ratio decidendi behind the coining of the slogan which we stand by. No longer are we going to remain a sitting duck in an NDC bullying gladiatorial electoral arena. At least we the NPP have an explainable reason for ‘All Die be Die’, what about Edebee keke of the NDC?

I am not a speaker of Pidgin English and I hope never to be one however, for the sake of political interest and in the interest of the welfare of the future of Ghanaians, I have sought interpretation from various sources which give me an idea to interpret Edebee as being/ontologic, a sort of coming into existence, coming into being, having surfaced or having come about. This is a heavily corrupted and jargonised form of patter phrasal expression as it is wont to be used by cheating/coning black-marketeers such that their victim target may not understand and be aware of the low quality of the product. According as I understand from the jargon Edebee keke, the NDC as a political Party has resurfaced on the political scene out of sheer luck/serendipity without any aim or objective; that they are in government just for the sake of being and nothing else. Keke is akan expression of ordinariness, mere, sheer, and any such associated meanings. Therefore, a combination of edebee keke has no specific significance in meaning. No wonder all that they are good for is extremes of corruption and ‘thievocracy’ because they are aware that this is their end for decades to come.

Going back to NDC slogan jargonising, ejor bodoo is a Ga expression meaning ‘it is cool and ready for chop’. As a conscientious Ghanaian, ask yourself what is cool and ready for chop as meant in the slogan? The NDC of yesteryears was made up of ragamuffins who were picked up from the gutters. Most of them had messed-up with their own lives such that their socio-economic life was in self-induced tatters. Many are those who wore heavily worn-out Charley-wote (bathroom slippers) with badly encrusted cracked dusty and dirty heels due barely to the fact that their heels treaded on the bare ground. Others wore Afro Moses as a kind of fashion in vogue but lo, the secret is that it was pennilessness. These are the nondescript cognates who chanted loudest to be heard for governing positions in the (P)NDC era of 19 years. Having been considered by Papa ‘J’ in his revolutionary years, giving them the opportunity to examine themselves and their background story to stand up for the poor and needy in Ghana, they have become greedy and monstrous extreme oligarchs.

The period 2009- 2012 can be reckoned as years of utter regret for Father of the Party. Not long after winning the 2008 elections by a split of a hair, the illusions of Papa ‘J’ began to surface whereby he openly referred to the Cabinet so formed by Mills as Greedy Bastards with most likely oblique reference to John Dramani Mahama, then Vice President as the head thief. Three years on, illusions have substantiated into incarnated ‘Old Evil Dwarfs’ not only in the eyes of Papa ‘J’ but as something manifested for all Ghanaians to be witnesses thereof. Party Father has rejected Party son whiles Party son, being so pompous, arrogant and mischievous has become prodigal and insubordinate is therefore calling for rejecting Party father so, Party son is fatherless and indeed a bastard in the making. What a dramatic turn of events!

Are these not the same who screamed, yelled, shouted, chanted and echoed probity and accountability? Are these not the people Papa ‘J’ proudly beat his chest and referred to as men of integrity in his (P)NDC government? Is it not for and on-behalf of these that Papa ’J’ used his blood to stamp a manifesto? Probity and accountability have regressed to ejor bodoo, eye zu eye za, eye azaa to edebee keke, yebediibi keke. All is vanished into vanity. This is vanity of the vain, vanity of probity, vanity of accountability, vanity of governing ideas, vanity of sense and direction, vanity of Ghana’s destiny under conglomerates of edebee keke.

Edebee keke!, so mosquitoes have increased in size to that of a housefly and still sucking greedily and mercilessly to reach the size of a tsetse fly. Edebee keke so the President can pay hefty judgement debt to undeserving appellants. Edebee keke so South Korean STX deal takes $17 million as freebee. Edebee keke so hangars can cost $1 million each. Edebee keke so the cost price of aeroplanes can be doubled. Edebee keke so Cuba government scholarship for training Ghanaians as doctors is no longer scholarship. Edebee keke so Persident JDM does not even know what does and does not pertain in their own Party manifesto including what they have written in their documents on areas of Free Education and National Development Planning. Edebee keke so Party members clap and applaud without understanding what has been said. Edebee keke hence they are in government just for being sake. Oh, what a cheek! The good people of Ghana must wake up and vote en masse against these venal NDC edebee keke by voting for Nana Addo to be elected President on 7th December 2012. He is a personification of the great and indomitable elephant whose path is so clear, clean and safe for all and sundry

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa, London UK

Columnist: Damoa, Adreba Kwaku Abrefa