Effutu in perspective - Part 1

Afenyo Markin Alexander Afenyo-Makin, MP for Effutu Constituency

Wed, 4 Nov 2020 Source: Dawda Eric

When the mantle of leadership shifted to Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markin in 2012, many people including the NDC thought he was too young to carry Effutu Constituency on his shoulders to the promised land.

The angle the sceptics took was anchored on the fact that those who came before him had enough time but were not able to do what many people expected from their leadership.

It is a matter of fact that, when the good people of Effutu ceded their ultimate democratic powers to the NDC by voting their MPs to lead the Constituency since 1992-2012, they were denied the very basic things Alex Markin is providing today.

On record, Alex Markin is the first to introduce work and pay policy for taxi drivers in Effutu Constituency and in Ghana. It is worth praising that he is the first MP to have constructed more libraries in his constituency than some of his colleagues who have served more than twenty years in their various constituencies. This is certainly remarkable.

In fact in eight years under his leadership, every single community in Effutu Constituency has been touched. Petty traders, students, hairdressers, dressmakers, fisherfolks, those in the fitting industry, teachers, mobile money vendors, fishmongers and others have all received financial support to cushion them.

As we speak, the ongoing real estate project in Effutu Constituency was lobbied by Alex Markin as part of his desire to see the Constituency expand in terms of infrastructure. Moreover, the construction of a fish landing site in Effutu which began on 16th April 2020 is evidence of his effective leadership.

His tremendous achievements in Effutu continues to be the reason why followers of the "ab3br3s3 clan" led by the self-acclaimed alternative have not been able to tell us what is required of every responsible MP that Alex Markin has not been able to do for which reason they should be considered. The shoulder to shoulder argument has never favoured them on any day.

The latest strategy they have poorly adopted is that they have started mounting incredible attacks against projects initiated and completed by Alexander Kwamena Afenyo -Markin.

They are claiming among others that, "Effutu is bigger than toilet facilities and community centres. What they have forgotten is that these projects they are attacking are really serving the needs of communities within the municipality.

Again, it must be understood that, even before these modernised toilet facilities were mounted in the various communities, there were existing dilapidated structures the communities used as their place of convenience.

In fact, the disgusting nature of the facilities pushed a lot of them to adopt the open defecation style. To the abr3br3s3 clan and their illogical mindset, the Primus inter pares must not be the provision of a comfortable place of convenience which seeks to curb the canker of open defecation. They feel happy when people"shit" in the open.

It must be noted however that, On June 14, 2019, the World Health Organization reported that, 2.0 billion people still do not have basic sanitation facilities such as toilets or latrines and almost 673 million still defecate in the open, for example in street gutters, behind bushes or into open bodies of water.

Suffice it to say that, if open defecation is not a global challenge to many countries struggling to have sunshine under the Sustainable Development Goal as a result of lack of access to toilet facilities, the World Health Organization would not be labelling this as a problem facing many countries.

If today, Hon. Alex Markin is providing more toilet facilities in most Communities in Effutu, it means he is doing so to put Effutu on the correct pedestal. It also means that he is solving what appears to be a global canker.

I know and I am convinced in mind that, on 7th December, the beneficiaries of the facilities they are attacking are going to renew his mandate.Hon.Alex Markin is not only going to win the Effutu parliamentary seat once again but would win with a huge margin which cannot be converted into a markup.

It is not for nothing that Alex Markin keeps topping the political surveys conducted by credible researchers in Ghana about hard-working and successful MPs in Ghana. He has actually worked well as a humble servant and that is the utmost reason why he is going to be re-elected in the upcoming elections.

Effutu Constituency would not waste their precious time on a hopeless self-acclaimed candidate who has nothing good to offer but only using his candidature to solicit for financial support to enrich himself.

I have always maintained that, if he meant well, he would have bought forms to contest in the NDC primaries. Because he had no support base, he decided to instigate NDC foot soldiers against their elected parliamentary candidate who later resigned out of frustrations before he(Kofi Ab3br3s3) shamelessly opted to declare himself a hidden member of the NDC.

The humiliating defeat that awaits the NDC in Effutu on December 7th would be bigger than what was witnessed in the 2016 elections. This time around, Alex Markin is going to increase his votes margin from 10000 to 25000.

Dawda Eric(Equity) UEW Alumnus 4th November 2020 dawdaeric26@gmail.com

Columnist: Dawda Eric