Eiii NDC – So not even a consolation goal for the Voltarians?

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

And my Voltarian Godfather would be very disappointed with the tangent on which NDC is traveling. That is not to say he is NDC, far from that, but the pain is in the use, abuse, and refuse; mannerisms of the neo-players of this vulture party! Yes, vulture best describes this party, after all, what would you call a thing that feeds off weak bodies even if some were of its very own species?

So finally the dust has settled over the dome where malicious people clad in green/red/black, colours of a distinct set of ignoramuses, oinked noisily for close to 48 hours as they rigged the ballot boxes to vote the loudest of their ilk. The NDC has lost it! How can a party, rooted deeply in an Ewe caucus, humiliate the very people who formed it by not voting a single member from its “base”? The NDC can certainly not qualify to be anywhere near a socially cohesive party. The neo-leaders of this umbrella cannot carry it upright to shade its dwindling supporters let alone manage the whole NDC party to avoid yet another humiliating defeat when the storms blow in 2020.

I have the urge to tell the Voltarians of the NDC that the party is no longer theirs. It is now for those who are best at stealing their rights and those of the whole nation. They care not for man or beast except their pockets of infinite depth. They should not be persuaded by any excuse that the party went Akan in order to pull votes from there! No, it is not true, because you and I know that that is an unachievable hallucination, a figment of their incompetent imagination…bunch of sore losers! Let the message of this weekend’s NDC executive elections inform them of the disaster that it presages.

I want my brethren from the Ewe fraternity to shine their eyes. They should look around them in the Volta Region. There is little or no social intervention tangible or visible. The only projects that are taking shape were pushed and accelerated by Nana Akufo-Addo. Maybe, apostasy is the way to go, and if they feel NPP is not the party to be, there is the NDP, which is authentically Ewe and pro-Ghanaian. Otherwise, they should not stand for any political party, or better still form their own afresh. Who knows, maybe the best might yet come from within! Volta Region is the most beautiful place in Ghana! In fact, it is the heaven of Ghana! Yet it is the most abandoned, neglected, and segregated in the country.

The Volta Region sees a measure of development only when the NPP is in power. NDC uses it as a vote bank with no gratitude whatsoever! This is an undisputed fact, and no matter the long talks of the idiots in the NDC, the Party’s status quo remains as the most reckless, inhuman, and thieving to ever debut on the Ghanaian political scene!


Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi