Opinions Sun, 21 Dec 2008

Election 2008: The Battle For Ghana

Immanuel Enoch a. Agbozo

The Spirit of the Lord has come upon me to declare to the Church and Government, Nation and People of Ghana that Election 2008 is a BATTLE FOR GHANA. It is a battle between God and Satan for the HERITAGE, DESTINY and GLORY of GHANA.

The Lord would have me state that Election 2008 is not a battle between Akuffo-Addo and Atta-Mills, nor is it a battle between and among the political parties as such. It is a battle of who is and shall be the sovereign reigning and ruling spirit-power of the country.

The question at issue is who is the God of Ghana? Who must receive worship and adoration, obedience and honour and thus who must be ascribed full power, strength and glory in the governance, management and affairs of the land as a whole.

In short, to whom must Ghana as nation and people owe allegiance? God the Creator or Satan the devil.

May we mention briefly in this respect that the choice between God and Satan implies in another context who and what must be the spirit, power and strength, knowledge and wisdom behind the constitution, the laws, governance and management and conduct of national affairs, and for practical purposes conduct and life of nation and people, individual and households, institutions, enterprises and ventures of the country.

Individual liberty is respected. However, national integrity and dignity, stability and security, progress and prosperity, hope and destiny demand an over-arching arm and cover, foundational spirit and framework for conduct and life, social progress and national glory.

The GOOD NEWS in this regard is that God the Creator, Father of Jesus Christ, has made a non-equivocal decision in His own counsel. He Has chosen Ghana as nation and people for HIS OWN INHERITANCE (Psalm 33:12).

Because of this, He has gone ahead to deliver Ghana from Satan and the wicked controlling system of Satan-Man alliance. He has redeemed Ghana from her own weakness, faults and the African heritage of Forsaken and Desolation. He has established Ghana as a nation and people SOUGHT OUT, CHOSEN, MARRIED and MADE HOLY UNTO HIMSELF as HIS PEOPLE (Is. 62 ; 19:19-25).

GOD the Creator has placed Ghana on a pedestal of Divine Light and Glory in Africa and the entire world. Ghana will shine, flourish and prosper in God’s heritage and Kingdom order on earth. Amen.

Election 2008 has accordingly great spiritual, political and global significance. Nations and continents like Israel, Europe and the USA have passed this stage. They had their turn of Divine election, heritage and glory. Most have lost it since. It is now the turn of Africa led by Ghana.

Spiritually, the election will decide on God’s election, grace and hand upon the nation. Politically, the nation will decide on the spirit and power base of the politics, governance, management and the conduct of affairs of the land. Globally, the conduct and outcome of the election will set a pattern for many nations in Africa and the world.

The truth is that the Light and Star of Jehovah God the Creator is risen upon the nation. This is the depth, height and global significance of decision in Election 2008. Election 2008 will raise the banner of Divine grace upon Ghana and God Kingdom glory on earth.

The Spirit of the Lord is inviting nation and people not merely to shout ‘PRAISE THE LORD’ but to go out further to engage in and undertake all activities at all levels in the knowledge and fear, obedience and honour of God the Creator.

Praise the Lord, Election 2008 will and must affirm God’s election and heritage in Ghana and God Kingdom glory in Africa.

Ghana is now poised for GREAT THINGS and DIVINE GLORY. Hallelujah! GREAT THINGS, DIVINE PROVIDENCE and GLORY for years to come, even unto the Second Coming of JESUS CHRIST is the open door for Ghana. Let us celebrate our God. Amen and Amen!


December 18, 2008


Columnist: Agbozo, Enoch Immanuel A.