Election 2012 was the Fairest in Ghana

Sat, 23 Feb 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

since "Rock of Ages" - says President John Mahama

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is always king. There is no wonder therefore that President Mahama and NDC see it morally fit to opine that election 2012 was the fairest in the electoral history of Ghana since the country's independence and aspirations to better democratic dispensations.

Much as I hold a divergent view to his, I will not completely write him off. In comparative terms, as observed from previous elections and what he saw the NDC do with his naked eyes, election 2012 could be the fairest. The fact that it is the fairest judging from the perspective of certain eyesore occurrences associated with previous elections, does not obligatorily make election 2012 fair. It was equally unfair as the previous ones if at all they were not fair in the eyes of His Excellency President John Dramani Mahama.

I will prove in a moment to President Mahama and his bunch of NDC dreamers that election 2012 was equally unfair if not exceedingly unfair. Before then, tell me your views on the following:

In a case scenario1, a Mr. "A" goes out robbing his neighbours holding a loaded gun to their heads. He threatens to kill them if they resisted his forceful request to hand over their valuables to him. In a similar situation, a Mr. "B" goes out stealing his neighbours' valuables but discreetly, thus, devoid of force.

In a case scenario 2, a man turns into a heroic outlaw (Robin Hood), becomes known for "robbing from the rich and giving to the poor". His action endeared him to many a poor person.

Could my readers please tell me in which of the three cited instances that the law against theft has not been infringed? In the eyes of the law which is an ass, robbery is robbery no matter how it is carried out, whether discreetly or violently. You have by whichever form you effectuate the robbery, deprived the owner the usage of his precious property or valuable. This is my view and that of the law. There may be degrees of punishment to consider when sentencing after an act of robbery has occurred. Nevertheless, that element of robbery consequent upon which sentencing is considered becomes a "constant variable" in the above three cases.

Let me relate the above scenarios to President Mahama's expressed opinion on all presidential and parliamentary elections that have ever taken place in Ghana since the country's independence from the British colonial masters.

In some of the elections, some political parties hired macho men to disrupt the elections in various ways. The macho men beat and in rare occasions killed people, stole ballot boxes and intimidated the voters in many ways all in favour of their paid masters. Their activities were glaringly seen by all, and condemned. Even in these situations, the so-called international observers always said, "The election is free and fair".

Now, as it is with the case of Mr. "B's" style of robbing, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), President John Mahama and the Electoral Commissioner (Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan) have done same to Election 2012. They have rigged the elections in favour of John Mahama and the NDC by massaging figures, by over-votes, by non-conformity to electoral rules of "no biometric verification no vote" etc.

President Mahama, the NDC and Dr. Afari-Gyan think by this Robin Hood and Mr. B's style of robbery that has endeared them to the international observers and the world is able to remove that aspect of robbery from election 2012. No, it does not. The non-violence in election 2012 does not deny the fact that there were election irregularities and fraud. The fact that Dr. Afari-Gyan declared John Mahama the President-elect, the Chief Justice swore him in as the President of the Republic of Ghana, with foreign governments congratulating and recognising him as such, does not exonerate him from blame of electoral fraud.

The Constitution speaks against vote-buying. It is an offence for any political party or person seeking office to involve in that act; yet, the NDC parliamentary candidates were all over the place purchasing voting cards off the electorates. The NDC with then presidential candidate John Mahama engaged in exceedingly outrageous negative advertisements intended to demean Nana Akuffo-Addo's flagship education policy of FREE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Majority of Ghanaians were head over heels over that policy.

I pray the NDC come and drink from my overflowing fountain of wisdom. It is free. They will benefit a lot from my grey hair that is a repository of wisdom. My ripe age is also an indication of wisdom. Come one, come all.

All NPP faithful and discerning Ghanaians are to remain RESOLUTE as an unknown voice revealed to KOFI BASOAH in a dream. Nana Akuffo-Addo won the election but Kwadwo Afari-Gyan stole it away from him only to give it to an "Ede bee keke" person who is not deft in the art of governance but daft.

If there was not any electoral fraud in Election 2012, why are some unknown persons and security forces raiding NPP and Gloria Akuffo's offices? Why are the reported incidents in Atimpoku, Amenfi East Constituency, and Savelugu etc? The election was rigged.

In my opinion as concluded from empirical observations, the Election 2012 was not fair but like all previous elections, unfair. The proud son of Kumawu/Asiampa has spoken. I thank God for granting my late parents wisdom and intelligence that they have genetically passed on to me.

I am going on a week's break during which time you may not read from me.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson