Election 2012 was the definition of the soul of Ghana

Mon, 31 Dec 2012 Source: Arthur, Patrick Kobina

*Ghana Election 2012 was the definition of the soul of Ghana*

The years from 1960 to 1982 was marked by rampant military overthrows of democratic governments. Many frontline professionals in the country at that time left the country in their numbers. Many have gone on to achieve more than their widest dreams. Many more have gone on to achieve higher order goals. Many of these people have refused to relocate to Ghana after the more than 20 years of democratic government. They had apparently discovered the contents of the soul of this country Ghana and no amount of small incremental steps will convince them to relocate to Ghana.

The Ghana election 2012 has defined for many of us the contents of the soul of this country. In this elections business as usual, poverty and tribalism overtook patriotism, progress and prosperity. That is a real shame. Crude mentality overshadowed reason and intellect. Some of us really need to flown onto the mood. This part of the world is not fit for human habitation.

The right decision was to change of an NDC government made up of some viscious, clueless and marauding bandits. Who will denegrade even a Pastor for political campaign. Too many of them only care more about their party and tribe than the nation. In their mind the Nation Ghana does not exist. Just listen to them talk to the nation; and they address everyone as though we are all NPP people. WHY?

We are disappointed at a nation, 50.7 % that is, who glorified the inappropriate conduct of an NDC government. Government that endorsed the stealing of state funds through the so-called judgment debts. They even used state funds to buy laptops for votes buying purposes. They knew very well that they had committed huge crimes and people of reason will not take kindly to that.

Many of us do not care about NPP per se; let’s get it straight. we wish we had three or more parties we can change into government. That is the tragic situation the nation is in, having to choose between only two parties. A government should not be maintained after they commit so many crimes against the people and then use that money to buy their vote. Martin Amidu the Chief Lawyer of the NDC said something like this. That is the lousy bit.

NPP paid for their errors, when were pushed out in 2008. We the people must take our power seriously and not sell it so cheaply on the account of bribes and tribes. We would not have been this upset, if we had changed this government of criminality. NPP or not; we do not care. In political matters, we believe first in the human Interests then the national Interests, political party interests before the personal Interests. Our enthic group would never dictate our choice at the poll.

Any third force political party will take 100 years to win a national election in Ghana. The CPP disappointed us by breaking their front, thus offering no hope for the much-needed third force. In our candid opinion, the 50.7% did not decide, they were bribed into voting. And they were not quick to see that they were blinded by tribal bigotry and poverty. I must qualify that and say that a significant number of that 50.7% were bribed to keep a bad government in power. The others just voted based on tribal bigotry. To be balanced, a significant number of the NPP voters are also tribal in their voting. Taken together: This country is not fit for human habitation. No wonder VISAs are such miraculous wonders in Ghana, even for a South African VISA.

Those who have been out in the Developed World for many years before are sure to find that it does not feel good to be here. They are not looking for a nirvana but it’s a matter of the threshold of human decency. How can there be hopes of making Ghana better when the most critical decisions cannot be made? We cannot all subscribe to this collective doom. For those who have gained this understanding of the content of the soul of Ghana, the escape is inevitable. What we are suffering from is that, Ghana as country has too many people who are concerned only about what they can enjoy now and what is in the interest of their tribe alone. We can't all be trapped in this doomed situation.

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Columnist: Arthur, Patrick Kobina