Election 2016: Nana Akufo-Addo won for Ghana

Akufo Addo Visionary President-elect Nana Akufo-Addo

Tue, 13 Dec 2016 Source: Tinkaro Asare

The victory was well deserved. He has sacrificed a lot for the cause of history, a cause that he did selflessly, without any motive to engage himself in a corrupt act -or be seen with the desire to acquire material wealth for himself.

As a student of history, am very delighted to have been part of this victory and glad to have met people who had so much confidence in the man who had a better plan to lead this country. Hon Mavis Nkansah Boadu you had so much faith in the leadership of Nana Addo. Victory is yours as well.

The man (Nana Addo) is not corrupt and that was the main inspiration for many, to put aside all things that might have prevented them from openly supporting and campaigning for a Presidential candidate.

This victory is for all Patriots and to all Ghanaians as well. Just as, the President Elect said, he is the leader for you.

The system is sick, very sick and collapsing. There is no respect of laws and rules at the localities in our country, there is mismanagement in all affairs of our country.

Many Ghanaians have lost faith in the future of this country, not because they have no future in Ghana but on its leadership and Nana Addo must be the change, which he would!

It's an undeniable fact that, President John Mahama failed the people of this country.

The integrity of Nana Addo alone should be an assurance that there will be a new civilization in Ghana. A civilization that will be an envy of the world. A civilization that would be well appreciated by people from far and near. A civilization that would be remembered by the next generations. Ghana Will be a model for the world and Ghana shall once again received it lost glory.

Ghana is an excellence of Africa and it’s my hope that the President Elect, will continue to show his commitment towards bringing the country together in any of his agenda for this country.

We are solidly behind our President Elect. We didn't just campaign for him to leave him on the way. We didn't just campaign and received all sort of insults to end our struggle for him here.

The beginning of the difficult task have started and it’s my hope that Ghanaians give him the enough support as he deserved.

Ghana can be better again within a decade and within half a decade and the mindset of a leader is a key factor in determining whether we can achieve such success.

We must show love for this country. Our focus should not just be on the current generations but on the future generations -Our grandchildren must be our focus because just as our past generations sacrificed for us, we must do same for us.

The administration of Nana Addo must be one that will give confidence to the black leadership of our continent. There is so much lack of trust for African leaders and we must work to achieve that not for the current leadership of our country, but for the future of young Africans who wish to lead their respective countries.

To each single soul that sacrificed for this victory and to all those who lost a single material as a result of this victory, remember you did it for God and country and not for the leader, Nana Addo or any person close to him. The Victory was well deserved.

The arrogance by the NDC was far too much

The corruption was far so dangerous. The create, loot and share was above normality. The disrespect for civil organizations was more than necessary. Their (NDC) arrogance caused their downfall.

Their incessant insults on the integrity of Nana Addo caused their downfall. Their mismanagement caused their downfall.

Their incompetence caused their downfall

Their so called "United Party" when in actual fact, they had a "disunity party”, caused their downfall.

The unnecessary spending of state coffers caused their downfall. It's a famous and historic victory for students of History and only students of history will understand, this last part.

Lessons from one term President JM should guide us all for the future. People who were in power and managed the affairs under John Mahama motive was to loot the country and not to necessarily to do their best for the victory of the country.

I had little faith in the future of John Mahama's leadership, I felt his second term will be disastrous for the country and for the future of this country.

Nana Addo must be a model for this country and the New Patriotic Party must be an example of quality leadership. We will all come back to where we campaigned for the leader and party, to attack the same system we supported, defended and protected if the face of Ghana is not changed for the better.

Ghana can work again and Ghana must work again

I have faith in Nana Addo and l believe that in spite of all issues, many of my colleagues will have no issues in the leadership of our country under Nana Addo.

To all those who insulted me because of the support for the leader of the party especially some of my NDC colleagues, am not bothered because it’s part of human nature.

Was favored to have met a wonderful and beautiful hardworking servant of the land (Mavis Nkansah Boadu, MP Elect, Afigya Sekyere East) who has the desire to make her environment better.

Mavis Nkansah Boadu is the difference for this country and am glad to have selflessly contributed my quota towards her victory as a Member of Parliament for Afigya Sekyere East Constituency.

For the first time, I went to my constituency to campaign and support a Parliamentary Candidate and my only motivation was as a result of the quality and caring leadership style of Hon Mavis Nkansah Boadu, a young committed servant of the land who shows must respect to all humans irrespective of your class in society.

She is my boss and leader and am glad to have learnt a lot from her. Hoping to do my best to guide and protect her as she serves the people of my motherland. To all other Members of Parliament, I wish you all well. I can't mention all the names but generally to all.

This victory is for all patriots

Let's make Ghana better. A new civilization for us all. God truly bless you. Former NUGS President at University Of Ghana, a concerned citizen of change and a conscious, Pan Africanist.

Source: Tinkaro Asare

Columnist: Tinkaro Asare
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