Election 2016: The Way Forward For The NPP

Sat, 27 Apr 2013 Source: Nantomah, Mustapha

It is crystal clear that should the NPP lose the famous Supreme Court case of the 2012 general election, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo will retire as the first twice defeated flag bearer of the NPP. To regain power in 2016, the onus will then be on either the former trade and industry minister, Mr. Alan John Kodwo Kyeremanteng or the former deputy governor of the bank of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. These two gentlemen are tipped because they stand tall and famous among the rest eyeing the presidency at the moment in the NPP. Their credibility, credentials and competence are not in doubt whatsoever. The one to be chosen to lead the party in 2016 to capture power will however, definitely be a daunting task for the NPP. A number of crucial factors need to be critically examined in order to come out with the right choice.

The Asante/Akyim mafia is so widespread with devastating effect on the party across the length and breadth of the country. The opposition has managed to create the impression among Ghanaians that the NPP is an Asante/Akyim party and not a national party. They have substantial evidence to back their claim since no one outside this tribe has ever led the party in any general election. This wild propaganda has cost the NPP a lot in the last two general elections more especially in the three Northern regions of Ghana. To settle on Mr. Alan K J Kyeremateng will therefore, mean that the NPP will have to refute this dreadful allegation which is extremely difficult to surmount as Mr. Alan comes from this tribe. The choice of his supposed contender Dr. M. Bawumia or anyone outside this tribe especially outside Ashanti and Eastern regions will in no small way lessen the burden of disputing this mountainous allegation.

The choice of parliamentary candidates to represent the party in the various constituencies in the 2016 general is another issue of crucial importance. If parliamentary candidates who have won their seats consecutively for a number of times are imposed on the electorates, they are more likely to lose their seats especially if these areas are not NPP strongholds. The same will happen if a first time contestant is imposed on the electorates. The party needs to do some serious underground study to come out with suitable candidates to represent them in the various constituencies else, what happen in the last election will resurface.

Some bigwigs in the party especially the member of parliament for Assin central, Kenedy Agyapong and the party’s general secretary Kodwo Owusu Afrie (Sir John) did not help the party at all with their unfortunate comments before, during and after the elections. The flag bearer of the 2012 general election, Nana Akuffo Addo must also share the blame for some of his comments and his refusal to boldly come out to refute damaging allegations leveled against him during the campaign season. The party therefore, needs to call their people to order from now till the 2016 general election if they want to regain power from the NDC.

The party’s communication directorate must also be resourced with charming and exuberant personnel who will effectively convey the message of the party to the electorates with captivating enthusiasm. These communicators should be able to counter their opponents’ remarks without venting spleens. Insults and derogatory remarks should be a thing of the past if they must make an impact. Even though, their opponents may cast insults, they should know how to handle this as and when they arise. They should desist from casting the first stone as a way of proving their mettle. These problems and some others were the main causes of the NPP’s defeat in the 2012 general election. The rest will soon follow in due cause.

Nantomah Mustapha.



Columnist: Nantomah, Mustapha