Opinions Tue, 21 Mar 2017

The PPP call for unity

By: Adongo, Richard

The recent call by Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum of the Progressive Peoples Party (PPP) for all Nkrumaist political parties to unite is one that touched me in some special way.

This is because the grassroot electorates of Ghana have been persistent and consistent with their call on the Nkrumaists to unite and present a formidable front.

This brings me to a key crux of this write up. Who is an Nkrumaist? On the heels of this question is another question: what is Nkrumaism?

In attempt of an answer, I dare say that Nkrumaism is the philosophy and ideology which advocates universal development for the benefit of man. Nkrumaism is all about promoting a dignified and qualitative life for all Ghanaians in particular and Africans in General. Nkrumaism is about imbuing and imbibing in oneself and others, dedicated and selfless service to Man and society.

With the above foundation, an Nkrumaist can be described as a person who believes in offering his services for the benefit of his society. This believe should also be about offering leadership in such a way that it benefits the totality of the people.

With Nkrumaism at the center, let’s situate Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom’s call for unity. It has been reported that Dr. Edward Nasigre Mahama of the PNC did not take kindly to Dr. Nduom’s call. This was notwithstanding the fact that the National Chairman of his Party, Bernard Mornah had given all indications that the PNC was agreeable to the move.

Dr. Mahama’s beef is that Dr. Nduom had declared that he was not an Nkrumaist and didn’t believe in Nkrumaism. For this reason, Dr. Mahama did not want his PNC party to have anything to do with the PPP. Dr. further asked the PPP and Ndoum to return to the fold of the CPP if they were serious about unity.

My question however is that: between what Dr. Nduom says about Nkrumaism and his general conduct, which of them should be used to judge whether he is an Nkrumaist or not?

It is my believe that Dr. Nduom’s posturing and his espoused position on the development module for Ghana makes him an Nkrumaist more than he himself is ready to admit. His call for some collaboration/unity with Nkrumaists should be given a second look.

The substance of Dr. Nduom’s call for Unity should as a matter of priority be given careful thought and scrutiny. After all, are we not admonished by the old African adage not to throw the baby away with the bath water??? Is it also not the case that there is wise counsel in the saying that one should at all times pay attention to the message and not the messenger??

Drawing from Biblical examples, I should like to remind Dr. Edward Mahama that we have been told that not all those who say unto me (JESUS) LORD!! LORD!!! Shall enter into the Kingdom of God. In the same vain, not all who hail the name of Nkrumah are Nkrumaists.

For even the Great Osagyefo himself was betrayed at his greatest moments of need by persons who wined and dined with him. Who would bystanders had considered as Nkrumaists than Nkrumah’s own lieutenants of Ministers, aids and confidants, yet it was the mortal wounds of betrayal Nkrumah suffered from some of these “trustees” who stabbed in the back that finally led him to his early grave.

In sum, the urgent need for unity amongst the smaller parties in Ghana cannot be overemphasized. Whether the unity takes the form of Nkrumaists alone or Nkrumaists cum non Nkrumaists is of little importance. After all evidence abound in the fact that where smaller parties close their ranks, victory does not elude them. Mention can be made of Buhari’s Nigeria, Barrow’s Gambia and Sall’s Senegal.

In reaction to Dr. Nduom’s call, it is reported that the Communications Director of the Convention Peoples Party had stated that his Party was all for unity. It hoped that that Party would take pragmatic steps to realize the dream of intra party unity within the Nkrumaist fraternity, and inter party unity amongst all other smaller parties under the Nkrumaist banner.

Columnist: Adongo, Richard