Elvis Afriyie Ankrah and Baba Jamal again?

Sun, 27 Nov 2011 Source: Simpson, Ato Kwamina

Do I remember a story on the Internet and in some of the local newspapers about these duo taking monies from one Prosper Tsikata when they were in opposition? We are aware when the guy wanted his money after they won the election, they sent the BNI after him to beat him up and silenced him.

This manifest corruption has once again raised its ugly head with this duo. Readers will recall when the former NDC General-Secretary, Josiah Aryeh, was alleged to have dined with his NPP friends in the run-up to the 2004 elections, he was forced out simply because he did not have a political godfather who could protect him. Today, the greedy bastards are eating with both hands – left and right – with no modicum of self respect.

Look at how bloated they have become overnight. I feel very ashamed for these guys, but that’s Ghana politics. Look at President Barack Obama of the United States. The man has even become leaner and greyer than he was when he assumed office. He is only 49 but has grey all over, all because statecraft is a problem solving arena for people to think and improve the lot of their people, not so so chop chop. The man Elvis Ankrah is now so full that he cannot even walk, as his thighs are just too full.

These NDC “boys” have lost sense of direction. They now crossed the bridge and have decided to destroy it altogether. There is a story unfolding about Hludzi Ludwig who allegedly pocketed US$30, 000 out of US$100, 000 campaign money meant for the NDC in 2008 and said the money was stolen. Why wasn’t the whole money stolen and only US$30, 000 was stolen, we are putting the pieces together and will expose these THIEVES soon.

Honourable Kennedy Agyepong should expose all of them. They cannot be calling you a drug dealer during the day and at night turn around to be collecting money from your drug dealing activities. The shameless NDC will not even sack these boys who think being a state official is about what they accumulate from the people. They are going anyway.

Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, Baba Jamal, and Hludzi Ludwig we are waiting for your response then we can pour the whole unpleasant truth out there. Greedy bastards.

Ardent Supporter of Hon. Kennedy Agyepong,

Ato Kwamina Simpson,

Cape Coast

Columnist: Simpson, Ato Kwamina