En-Aydee The Outcast, Turns Preacher!!

Wed, 19 Dec 2012 Source: Koduah, Reagan Adomah

If there is any wonder witnessed in 2012 it is that of the 90 degree turn around of Noah Asare, who prefers to be called in showbiz as EN-AYDEE. The once area bad boy has been hit by the power that brought Paul from his horse to the ground on his way to Damscus. It has left him a changed man who now mounts the stage to sing for God.

His first impression in the Gospel circles was a book written by him titled; "Will You Call It A Bible?". A book that sent shivers down the spines of even the boldest men of God as Noah Asare boldly torn the Bible translation by Jehovah's Witnesses into pieces. His zeal has propelled him to a new and different level as he now preaches the word through music.

EN-AYDEE has openly confessed how bad he was in the far past and his regrets of having been at that level in times past. He confessed how his headmaster openly told him that he could become an armed robber in the future. The good for nothing Noah Asare is now a source of inspiration to as many as have been written off by men. Narating his story he told how he grew up from a broken home being raise by his father for most part of his life. A father who really loved and cared about him. His eyes were full of tears as he narrated how his father suddenly died whilst he was still waiting for his SSS results shattering his dreams of making it to the Politechnic.

He further narrated how he did many menial jobs just to survive. And how his re-union with his mum was full of pain as the poor mother tried all within her power to help the only son by doing all kinds of jobs. Noah narrated how he and the mother sold second hand clothes, second hand socks, "Yomo"(a locally made hair die), fan milk and did shoe shine before he could even see his SSS results because of school fees arrears. His prdicaments led him into making diferrent companies which could probably have ruined his life if not the intervention of God.

But Inspite of this obvious obstacles he managed to educate himself and obtained a diploma in ict before finally leaving to Europe where he resides now. He was full of thanks to his late father, his mum and his sister who stood by him in all those times.

He is launching his maiden album in Milan, Italy on the 22nd of this month in what promises to be the talk of town. EN-AYDEE has put together 10 powerful tracks to bless the Christiandom. The album titled I'AM BLESSED is all written, composed and vocally led by Noah Asare. This album is definitely going to shake the Ghana gospel music industry to the spine as he particularly stick to the word of God in his singing and merges modernisation, variety and individualism to splendid Gospel singing.

He has sought to focus on reaching out to the world at large as half of his songs are in English. A combination of pure Ghanaian praise, typical Nigerian gospel, ragae and unique highlife and worship.

The show is attracting various Gospel artists and Gospel groups from Ghana and especially in Italy. EN-AYDEE was short of words when asked to send a message to the world and his fans. He could only say that "no matter where you started from you can reach everywhere you sincerly desire with the help of God".

Reagan Adomah Koduah. London, UK

Columnist: Koduah, Reagan Adomah

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