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Ghanaians must be happy to be part of ebola vaccine trial.

Ghanaians must be happy to be part of ebola vaccine trial.

Sat, 13 Jun 2015 Source: FADDA

The health committee chairman of Ghana’s parliament , Hon Joseph Yieleh Chireh has waded into an Ebola vaccination trial which has recently created controversy in the country noting Ghanaians must be happy to be part of the exercise been undertaking by the world health organization.

Hon Joseph Yieleh Chireh who formerly leaded both the ministries of local Government and rural development as well as health explained that there is nothing wrong for the world health organization to include Ghana in a new drug trial for the Ebola disease due to the fact some countries in the sub- region suffered from the epidemic that killed thousands of people.

He told Accra based Rainbow Radio 87.5fm with studios in London that the vaccination test has no dangerous consequences on the lives of those to be tested on. He expressed surprises at how some Ghanaians are misinforming the public on the issue.

Touching on the GH? 200.00 and mobile phone giving to people whom the drugs have been tested on, Hon Yieleh Chireh said it is wrong for people to call it bribe because life cannot be bought. He explained that the phone was to be used to monitor the individuals that have been vaccinated while the amount of money was to be used to buy airtime to inform officials if any medical problem occurred.

He said what has created the brouhaha is the lack of involvement of local community leaders in the processes.

Hon Joseph Yieleh Chireh advised that Ghana must be allowed to take part of the vaccination trial to help improve the drug in the future.

FADDA ( Rainbow Radio 87.5fm )

Columnist: FADDA