End the Prosecution of Nana Darkwah now

Wed, 16 Jun 2010 Source: Adofo, Rockson

– Rockson Answers his Critics.

I feel obliged to write in response to the negative reactions being exhibited by certain people purporting to be perfectly competent to instruct me on how to conduct myself when writing about legal issues. First and foremost, they should be told without mincing words that though I am not a lawyer, I can see when one is being divergently irresponsible with the application of the law. One should not necessarily be a lawyer to know the law. Common sense is common but not always very common to common people. Common sense at times can elude some so-called competent lawyers and judges.

Some people in their bid to mask the outrageousness and the utter incompetence of some Ghanaian Law court judges are trying to gag me with their more obnoxious suggestions and threats. My writings on Nana Darkwah's issue are to bring to light how human rights are being infringed on in Ghana under the current NDC administration. Am I wrong to write highlighting on the abuse of Nana Darkwah's right to freedom of speech and discussion? I can hardly tell how some people can be senseless when putting across their views in attack of a more sensible view.

The summation of my argument about the maltreatment of Nana Darkwah by the Ghanaian Law enforcement agents and the justice system is that the guy has been taken a hostage by the law to please certain strongmen-monsters in Ghana. Period! If my destructive critics who claim to be conversant with the Criminal justice system would examine their conscience and be truthful with them, they would realise that Nana Darkwah has indeed no case to answer. Why should Rawlings, the alleged arsonist, not be arrested but his accuser - Nana Darkwah? Rawlings, in whose name Nana Darkwah was arrested, has dissociated himself from the trial of Nana Darkwah. In whose interest is he on trial then, I should like to know? The President of Ghana, His Excellency J.E.A. Mills, has said that his government has not the slightest dealing in the trial of Nana Darkwah and that he is not on trial in the interest of Ghana. In whose interest and name is my kinsman Nana Darkwah on trial? Why is it that the prosecution team is always coming up with the most stupid excuses to seek for the adjournment of the case? This goes to tell they have no genuine legal reason to successfully put Nana Darkwah on trial. They are just making a mockery of themselves and the criminal justice system. The judge should simply throw out the case, pure and simple. I am sick of always seeing Ghanaian lawyers and judges making a big joke of themselves out of sheer incompetence, biases and corruption.

I am not going to repeat in this article my reasons for arguing in favour of ending Nana Darkwah's prosecution and persecution as they have been established in my previous writings on same subject. In Ghana, our law enforcement agents and courts play double-standards. Rawlings as a person has said and done far worse things than Nana Darkwah yet he walks a free man in the streets of Ghana. Do I hear one of my critics say; it is because of the cloak of "No accountability but indemnity" that he wears?" Give me a break from this nonsensicality in perpetuation in the land of cowards.

One of my critics says, "Adjournments are necessary interventions in all genuine trials and you cannot blame the trial judge for it". I know much better, Mr. Critic. My question to you is, how many times and on what irrationally offered excuses should the case keep on adjourning? You may do yourself an immense favour by revisiting my earlier write-ups on same Nana Darkwah issue to know the flimsiest excuses being always adduced in support of requests for adjournments. Who do they think to be fooling? We are there to keep them to the proper legal path. I am only interested in your statement quoted above but not the infantile insinuations you did cast at me.

Another critic who used the name Hon Quaye but surely wouldn't be him as many are those so irresponsible to impersonate others on Ghanaweb forum said in quote, "I do not think this Adofo guy knows what he is doing to Nana Darkwa. All the inconveniences by the Court which you have enumerated are all as a result of the nonsense you have been writing all these while. If you are a lawyer why don't you come down to Ghana and defend Nana Darkwa? Do you think in a civilized world, an accused person can just be released because of the nonsense someone somewhere is writing against the court? I personally know Justice Charles Wilson; I worked with him for more than five years. He is not the kind of Judge you think he is. You guys write nonsense about people you have not even met because of your political misdirection and foolishness. You better stop all the nonsense you are writing and leave Nana Darkwa alone. If you cannot come down to defend your kinsman, you better not worsen his woes. Let this be the last time you write such nonsense because you are rather infuriating the prosecution. Nobody has personal interest in this case anymore, even not His e" Who is this critic actually is? Is he intelligent at all? Why should Nana Darkwah become the accused in the first place? Was he not the one accusing Rawlings? Was/is he not the accuser, opining on allegation that Rawlings did torch his house? In a civilized society as London where I reside, Rawlings would have been interrogated and when found guilty of arson, arrested. Nana Darkwah would have also been interviewed for more evidence and where it was found credible; it would be used to prosecute Rawlings with Nana Darkwah being a State or principal witness. Furthermore, in a civilized society where I live, the accuser would not just be rushed through unfounded dictatorial court proceedings just to ensure he gets incarcerated to please the accused. The accuser would only suffer the fate as being suffered by Nana Dawkwah where he is found to have lied, wasted the time of the court through what may be useless prosecution of the accused on false witness by the accuser. Where the accuser has perverted the course of justice, then he could be prosecuted. Has Rawlings even been interrogated let alone getting prosecuted? No! May Rawlings not know how his house came to burn when Kofi Adams' recorded interview with Peace FM radio on the Fire Brigades' investigative report is anything to go by? Do I need to physically meet people before telling how they are? Does the adage, "Actions speak louder than words" mean anything to you? His incessant adjournments of the hearing of the case on the most stupid reasons as continually offered by the prosecution team tell me volume about him. I can logically tell who he is. He is a coward who may compromise his good name just to please some human monsters or the lawless NDC foot-soldiers. How can Nana Darkwah be tried on the charge of causing and spreading fear in public? This charge is as irrelevant same as the judge with the prosecution team is incompetent. Rawlings, whom the allegation was directed at never, got interviewed. He never ordered the arrest of Nana Darkwah, which though he had no right to. The best Rawlings could do was to sue Nana Darkwah for libel but which he has decided against. He has declared his disinterest in the case as said in my previous articles. Who then is insisting Nana Darkwah goes on trial? I am sorry to say some people are fooling themselves big time in Ghana.

I am totally against that senseless attitude of "Ghana dee saa" way of doing things. I am not against Rawlings as far as this case goes. I am against those cowards who are trying fruitlessly to interpret the law to appease the current crop of NDC lawless so-called foot soldiers. If it was not to placate these guys, why is Nana Darkwah still being dragged to court without legal justification? What at all is the point debating this critic who may be equally as incompetent as the trial judge with the prosecution team inclusive? The fact that he may have worked with the judge for five years is not enough to exonerate him of the incompetence he seems to have displayed so far. This particular critic claims I have been writing nonsense. I am sorry; his critique is as baseless as it cannot stand any legal test in the developed countries. He talks about the civilized world we live in........ but his actions and the lot of his kind don't make him any civilized person. Why waste my breath on such an ignoramus?

I am writing about this case to bring to the attention of the whole world that some unnecessary court cases are a disguise of the political persecutions covertly taking place in Ghana.


Columnist: Adofo, Rockson