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The Yagbonwura must Abdicate?

The Yagbonwura (King of Gonjas) must Abdicate? - Part 1

I agree with those who think the current Yagbonwura (King) of Gonjas, Sulemana Tuntumba Boresa must abdicate the Yagbon skin or be shown the exit. As Sulemana Carpenter of Yapei and Kusawgu, he was never trusted by those who knew him. He is a classic example of the "Leopard not being able to change its spots". I suggest to the Wise Elders of the Gonja State to use their well tested ancient method of removing a Gonja King who brings disrepute to the skin.

There is every indication that fate has not been very kind to this Yagbonwura from Kusawgu. It seems any attempt he makes to bend fate to suit him instead of allowing it to take its natural course backfires on him. What a hard luck he is confronted with?

It is difficult to understand why the Yagbonwura is conducting himself in moral opprobrium. If he is not inherently selfish or insatiably greedy as a person to disgrace Gonjas, then he needs thorough head research, before he dilutes our revered Kingdom.

Respect is earned but not commanded. Once a King loses the respect and allegiance of his subjects, he is worse than salt that has lost its sweetness. When salt loses its sweetness, it is not worth keeping it but to throw away, so the bible says. When a King's integrity is called into question, let alone being rampantly slurred for his alleged vicious actions, his position as an Overlord becomes untenable.

The rate at which the Yagbonwura is being persistently castigated by his own subjects with unprintable or demeaning words signifies that he has lost his entire respect and credibility in the eyes of these people.

It hurts to tell the truth but in the end it brings comfort. I am strongly of the opinion that those suggesting the Yagbonwura abdicates following his never-ending ill- fate that denigrates the Yagbon skin that he occupies are perfectly right. The good name of the Gonja Kingdom must not be dragged in the mud by the unfortunate acts of either an insatiably greedy, or ill-fated, person. "Good name is better than riches".

You can take away someone's life but you can never touch or take away their opinion. No matter how the Yagbonwura and his advisers may feel, majority of Gonjas both at home and abroad, feel they have been let down big time by the sitting Yagbonwura.

If you cannot change the mind-set of your subjects to follow what you want as it obligatorily obtained in the ancient times, where whatever the King said became the order of the day, then you should not seek to undermine them. In these modern times, the subjects have the right to think independently to decide what is good for them without any hindrance from whomever.

The Gonjas seem to have had enough of the ill-fated mannerisms of their sitting King. They think his actions have compromised the integrity of the skin he occupies and the Gonja state.

Part II continues later.

By Mohammed Abdul-Salam


Columnist: Abdul-Salam, Mohammed