Enyidado Is There For All

Sun, 24 Feb 2013 Source: Asimenu, Forson

‘Enyidado wo ho ma obiaa’ is the Fante for there is’ hope for all.’ In the current difficulties plaguing Ghana in the form of ‘Dum sor, du dum sor, water rationing, petrol hikes and generalized astronomical inflation in cost of living, amidst political uncertainty and emaciating foreign family remittances courtesy global fiscal non-fluidity, hope for all in today’s Ghana, sounds more like a Cinderrela tale than a believable. But just tune to Enyinado 98.7Fm and your day can graduate from depression prone to one of hope and optimism.

98.7Fm. normally wakes you up using the voice of Reverend Seer Asamoah Boateng ( not the former MP) and you will be treated to the finest gospotainment in Gh today. Gospotainmnet because Rev Seer can preach the bitterest part of the Bible in such a way that you laugh away your jaws. He can practically break your ribs. Check this one, ‘you have bleached your skin so bad you are no longer black nor white. When Jesus comes and call Caucasians are called, you can’t join that queue, when he calls Blacks, you are disqualified still (because of bleaching).where exactly do you belong? Change your mind, for Jesus is coming soon.’ It is not only the Seer’s words that create fun or portray the seriousness of living right , there is this thing about his diction, tone and pauses. You better listen to 98.7 at dawn to have an ear taste of what is the unadulterated Word wrapped in commedious phraseology.

Then comes the sports crew up to late morning. Spanky and Regan do justice to everything sports especially football. Their knowledge of the game, fearless presentation of the facts and objective analysis of events is what makes them the gem of modern sports presentation in Ghana . Regan’s recent publication on Ghanaweb on Afcon 2013 received widespread culling by many sports tabloids as well as massive online comments from a global audience.

On Tuesday’s, Enyidado rolls out yet one of its best and probably ghana’s finest personality interviews between 2-3pm. The program dubbed ‘Mmo ne yo’ translating into English as Well-done or You have Done Well, goes into in-depth discussing of the life and career of a celebrity guest. A Celebrity not in the sense of a media created James Bond but a flesh and Blood Ghanaian who has shone or is shining in his or her little corner. The last one I listened to was an 85 year old Mr Brown who spent all his life with the Ghana Education Service, currently living with Diabetes and Hypertension but can read without spectacles and climb a two-storey without assistance. How can one live long and strong? Mr Brown said it all on Enyinado including tips for a happy marriage as well as managing widowhood or bereavement positively.

Who created Enyinado, who birthed it? I understand 98.7 Mhz located in Awutu-Breku (C/R) with coverage spanning Kokrobite , Mallam Junction, Sowutuom ,Abeka Lapaz, Akuapem mountains and a huge segment of the Central Region is part of the media empire of Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom, the Lord of Jobs. Community members say Edwumawura, as he is affectionately known, created Enyidado about twelve months ago to give the youth of Awutu-Breku and its Environs the chance of on the job training in radio broadcasting from seasoned broadcasters like Spanky , Regan and Wofa Gyan who are poached sensations from Kumasi and other parts of Accra.

A nation that does not honour its heroes, is not worth living for.Dr. Nduom has done well lets honor him. But its time he appears on ‘ Mmmo ne yor’ on Enyidado 98.7 for the masses of the youth to learn from him in a more direct way through the power of radio. In this hard times, listening to Dr. Nduom encourage the youth will go a long way to give us hope, to let us know that Enyidado wo ho ma obiaa.

Columnist: Asimenu, Forson