Era of Monkey dey work and baboon chopping must cease

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Fri, 15 Dec 2017 Source: Issah Fuseini Effiakuma

The Disease that comes with political power has unfortunately infested the moral judgment of some of the NPP leaders now in place of responsibility in the Akuffo Addo govt now in power.

We were in the trenches with many people with the sole aim of making Nana Addo our president. At times I stayed out in the hinterlands for weeks and in some cases months campaigning for NPP victory.

My activism as a communicator is not in doubt. Which earned me the brand "Issah Fuseini Efiakuma". Other patriots lost their lives in the line of duty. Some are home paralyzed whiles in the line of duty to restore the NPP back into power.

Now the power got power through thick and thin and what do see, people who never voted for the party's victory are placed in places of responsibility. They are chopping whiles our own people are home suffering in pain.

A clear example is a Lady with the communications bureau of the Ghana's Hajj Board. She's there as a Deputy Communications Director to the Board. This is a known Zongo NDC activists who work with GTV.

She was severally heard verbally abusing then running mate Dr Bawumia and spouse. Is this not a clear case of "Monkey dey work and baboon chopping"? Is it that there are no competent Muslim ladies within the NPP who can be deputy communication persons if it is solely reserved for ladies?

This same lady by name Marian Sissy was with the previous board not on merit but as an NDC Lady. She traveled with them all through the 8year tenure of the NDC stay in power from 2009-2016. In fact, my checks revealed that she was the one identifying who NDC media persons are for considerations to go Hajj. It remains a mystery to me how she sneaked her way on the current IC Quaye led Hajj Board. The claim is that she is so powerful on the current Hajj Board as a result of her closeness with the Chairman Hon Sheihk I. C Quaye. This same Lady many alleged was the brain behind all the bad press the Hajj Board courted during this year's Hajj in Mecca, because she was doing the bidding of her pay masters.

Couple of weeks to Hajj 2017, there were bruu haa haa involving her and the communications Director of the board Alhaji AR Gomda. The communications director accused her of insubordination thereby issuing disclaimer to all media on her. Some members of the board confirmed to me that she was going to be fired after Hajj 2017. I understand a committee was set up and the committee's findings was that she be made to go after Hajj 2017. That is yet to be because of her influence on the Chairman. Its almost 3 months now ever since the Board returned from Makkah. This does seem to escape the raider of the Chairman Hon IC Quaye. Hon IC Quaye must know it is the party that saw his Ascension to the high office as the Chairman of the Hajj Board. He should respect the views of the Party youth NPP by firing the said Lady before the youth of the party shows their anger at him and the Hajj Board.

Was it any wonder there was agitations all over the country involving alleged NPP youths? The above statement is a clear example of the courses of youths agitations across the country. This is one of many examples I or other people elsewhere can cite. It is my hope that the Chairman act on his own plea with expedition by allowing this girl to go. Enough of the bad press the party youth courted in past. Her continued association with the Hajj Board angers a lot of our compatriots.

Long live Ghana.

Long live the NPP. Long live Prez Akuffo Addo.

Long live NPP youth and Long live Hon IC Quaye.

*Youth Activist*

*Issah Fuseini Effiakuma*


Columnist: Issah Fuseini Effiakuma