#Ghanadecides2020: Mother Serpent of Corruption needs no bribe, Sammy Gyamfi lied

Sammy Gyamfi?resize=639%2C461&ssl=1 Sammy Gyamfi, National Communication Officer, NDC

Thu, 3 Dec 2020 Source: Kwesi Atuahene

The fictional bribe video purporting to suggest that then-candidate Nana Akufo – Addo took a bribe from one Hajia Fawzia in order to protect the director of urban roads from losing his job is highly inconsistent with truth and will be rejected twice by discerning Ghanaians within a second in any laboratory of logic.

Our elders on the Anlo coastal lands belief, if you tell the truth, it becomes part of your past but if you tell a lie it becomes part of your future. Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi on December 1, 2020, was seen airing and interpreting a video on his ‘Moments of the Truth’ show seeking to suggest that President Nana Akufo – Addo is guilty of taking bribe. Indeed, the future of our 63-year-old Ghana is very interesting.

It is largely believed that, a lie told once from you, makes all your truth questionable, but this lie from Sammy Gyamfi cannot erase the active affairs of the mother serpent of corruption. Obviously, a donation to support a campaign ahead of 2016 polls cannot be qualified as a bribe.

It must be made clear to Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi, that discerning Ghanaians do not need a fictional bribe video to identify the true characteristics of the mother serpent of corruption who presents himself as an innocent flower if I could borrow the words of Mr. Martin Amidu.

The former Special Prosecutor, lawyer Martin Amidu risked his life to draw the attention of Ghanaians, both home and abroad to the posture of the presidency in the fight against corruption. According to him, the conduct unveiled by the President following the submission of the findings of his Corruption Risk Assessment conducted into the Agyapa deal has confirmed that his anti-corruption crusade is mere fustian.

Nevertheless, the biggest argument in Sammy Gyamfi’s commentary on the fictional bribe video suggests against the affirmative that, nobody goes to make a political donation to support a campaign and concurrently record it.

Donations of all nature are often always recorded, and this is of no exception. Perhaps, the person who recorded it was not confident enough to record it properly or you are just more interested in this particular video with the hope of assigning a meaning that does not exist.

Many Ghanaians are aware of the over sixty (60) corruption scandals under the watch of mother serpent of corruption, therefore, it is needless to propagate a fictional bribe video. Our elders say, if you tell the truth always, you do not need a good memory but the most dangerous liars are the ones who think, they are telling the truth.

Kindly do well to note that, the mother serpent of corruption, needs no music to dance.

Columnist: Kwesi Atuahene