An open letter to the President-elect,

Fri, 11 Dec 2020 Source: Mahamudu J Alhassan

The number one gentleman of Ghana and the commander in chief of the Arm forces- Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo

Congratulations Mr President elect, it's of great pleasure to write to you Mr President this brief and vital letter, with due respect I am highly disappointed in the performance of the NPP in the just-ended election.

I was with the view that NPP will win massively and retain the number of seats in Parliament if not increased.

His Excellency Nana Addo, you are one of the best not only in Ghana but Africa in general in terms of policies implementations, you introduced:

1. Free SHS for Ghanaian citizens

2. Planting for food and jobs for Farmers

3. Nabco for unemployed graduates in the country.

4. Restored teacher training allowance

5. Nurses training allowance

6. One District one Factory

7. One Constituency one Ambulance

8. One village one Dam

9. One Constituency one million dollars, etc to improve the economy and make life pleasant for Ghanaian citizens.

We appreciate and thank you for that great work done.

I am disappointed in NPP because of your appointees, I still can't believe that some MPs and Ministers lost their seats to NDC.

They relied on your policies and failed to address their Constituencies pressing issues, they took your policies for granted. I just can't belief NPP lost in Navrongo, Zebilla, Tempane, Ledzekuku etc.

Mr President my advice to you as a political analyst is that select enthusiastic working colleagues. I foresee NPP losing in 2024 if nothing is done from this humiliation, Parliamentarians with due respect should give out their very best and serve the interest of their people. I wish you, Mr. President, the very best in your endeavours, congratulations once again for your victory.

Political Analyst

Mahamudu J Alhassan

Columnist: Mahamudu J Alhassan