Eureka! Eureka! Eureka!! - Why Rawlings Hate Kufuor and President Mills!

Sat, 7 Nov 2009 Source: Adofo, Rockson

After days of cogitation, I have uncovered the motive behind Former President Rawlings' hatred for Former President Kufuor and current President Atta Mills. It is that very simple but completely absurd. Mr. Rawlings is so much entrenched in that deplorable Ghanaian mentality of looking down upon ones subordinates. Thinking he has a certain amount of Whiteman's blood in him, a sign of inclination towards fairness, one would simply expect him to live above reproach. He is rather worse and more mischievous than his contemporary dark-skinned Ghanaians. To him, that adulterated blood of Whiteman's circulating throughout his body is not only an indication of superiority, might, but also, an accord of licence to maim, terrorise, and to lord it over others. He feels empowered by that blood to rule but not to be ruled. Oh, what an unfortunate assumption!

Mr. Rawlings once employed Mr. Kufuor in his Military junta's government (PNDC) as a Minister. He also offered the Vice Presidency to Mr. Atta Mills in his NDC government. This was when he decided to cling on to power when international pressure had come to bear upon him to return the administration of Ghana to a Civilian rule. Foxy and corrupt as he is, instead of relinquishing his grips of power on Ghanaians, he rather found money under mysterious circumstances to found a political party - the National Democratic Congress (NDC). He only turned over his coat same as a snake sheds its skin but still remains that dangerous poisonous snake. He formed a political party, contested election, and won under same questionable circumstances as always done by African dictators.

Having once had these guys under his command, he thinks he is the School master while they are still his school boys. As the master can order the boys about, cane them, send them on errands as and when he wishes, so does Rawlings think of Kufuor and Mills. To him, who are they not to prostrate before him when he sits or stands? He is domineering. He can't understand why his once subordinates have asserted, or, are trying to assert their independence by extricating themselves from his suffocating grips. This is the main reason why he thinks by insulting and or, castigating them publicly will do the trick. Whatever he does, these guys are grown ups and are no longer his school boys that he could tickle them into saying, "Yes Sir, Master". The more he carries himself about irresponsibly, the more President Mills continues to pull a fast one on him by keeping him aloof. He thought Mr. Mills was going to be his poodle when he dottily promised consulting him 24/7 on a major policy decision was he to become a President. This made Rawlings think he was going to rule Ghana again when Mr. Mills won the election. He then went about pounding his chest like an agitated Chimp saying, "I have come back, and I have come back". He has come back indeed! Mr. Mills has sidelined him for unwisely prodding him to do the unthinkable – imprison Kufuor and all his Ministers without any recourse to due process. Rawlings is embittered for being neglected by his once school boys whom he could slap at whim.

"Time changes", so they say. It's too late, Mr. Rawlings. They were once your subordinates, but they are no more. Until the Sun goes into total extinction, Mr. Rawlings can scream, swear and curse himself for offering Kufuor and Mills a job, he will never again rule Ghana. Spio Ekow Garbrah will do unto him as Atta Mills has done to him. He had better concentrate on finding ways to become a mature Statesman rather than to remaining an ignorant ranting parrot.

. Why then does Rawlings hate Kufour and Mills? Please answer me, my dear reader.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson