Ghana sits as NPP draw rings around everybody

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Sun, 12 Jul 2020 Source: Margaret Jackson

How can a country filled with 30 million people, with many many of them known to be of high repute, sit aloof while a few of them dribble the whole country with lies and highly conflicting information?

Is it not strange that since the Minister of Information, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah informed Ghanaians that President Nana-Addo is self isolating himself for 14 days having come into contact with a mystery person who had tested positive for the COVID-19 disease, others from his own government have come out to give conflicting information as to the real status of the President?

In case you're not aware the Deputy Health Minister, Dr. Oko Boye, in a radio interview, confidently told Ghanaians that Nana Addo is not in isolation but rather have been quarantined.

But the latest information filtering in indicates that President Nana-Addo is not even in Ghana. He is not at the Flagstaff House or the Presidential Villa.

It is alleged that Nana-Addo's condition is deteriorating so he's been sneaked out of the country by a charter flight to London for treatment.

The big question floating on the minds of many Ghanaians is that how can somebody who has not tested positive for COVID-19, and is alleged to be resting whilst running the country from the Presidential Villa at the Flagstaff House be flown out of the country at the cover of darkness to London?

It is further alleged that President Nana Addo is being treated at the St. Thomas Hospital in London.

But as I write Ghanaians do know the whereabouts of Veep Mahamadu Bawumia. Mahamadu Bawumia disappeared for several weeks before he emerged last two weeks to be re-affirmed as the running mate for Nana Addo in the upcoming December 7, presidential election. Since his affirmation nobody knows where Bawumia is leaving many tongues wagging that he may also be down with the COVID-19 disease.

If what we are hearing about the sudden "smuggling" of Nana Addo out of the country for treatment in London is true, then the yawning question is did he inform Parliament as the law demands before jetting out.

Another question is if it's TRUE that Nana Addo is not in the country, who then is acting in his stead? Why is the whole presidency quiet about such an important information like that?

Are the NPP not aware that this reckless action can easily throw the country into constitutional crisis if something dreadful happens to Nana Addo?

The NPP before they assumed the reign of government and day one after they did have used shady language, actions, to justify everything they do thinking that Ghanaians will forever swallow every action of theirs.

Otherwise why will Nana Addo cancel cabinet meetings, shut down the Ministry of Finance, Cocobod, GRIDCO, BOST, the Ministry of Education,

and other state institutions but defiantly throw tens of thousands of Senior High School students into the open just because he wants them to register and possibly vote for him to entrench his bogus administration for four more years.

Not even the several outbreak of the COVID-19 disease in several of these senior high schools will compel Nana Addo to send these kids back home.

The sudden and sad demise of one of the students of KNUST SHS even did not move Nana Addo to close down the Senior High Schools.

The monarch has blocked his ears just to pursue his ONE AND ONLY GOAL: TO CONTINUE TO REMAIN IN POWER!

Ghana is certainly not practicing democratic rule under Nana Addo. This man has assumed the status of an Emperor with everything revolving around him whilst he's used unorthodox methods to shut down all dissenting voices.

It is any wonder why voices that daily SCREAMED at the roof top during President Mahama's time have all gone silent? Nana Addo has managed just before he assumed the presidency to use his thugs and foul acidic cohorts to put everybody to sleep.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think we are sleeping in Ghana. And it's about time we WAKE UP.

Coming events they say cast their shadows. If the beatings, torture, intimidation, padding of the voter register by the EC officials especially in the Ashanti and Eastern Regions, bussing of people to register at other places other than their places of abode, are any indication, then I'm afraid for Ghana. Afraid of what will happen during election day and the collation of the results and the proper announcement of the eventual winner.

The International Community it seems is not interested in what Nana Addo is doing to Ghanaians, thereby giving him the ammunition to further run down the country.

If Ghanaians want to salvage what is left then we must take things in our own hands and send Nana Akufo-Addo and his gangsters packing on December 7.

Because as we sit aloof the NPP keep drawing rings around us. And it's not very exciting at all. Therefore Cry for our Beloved Country. Just cry for the kingdom which is being broken with impunity for the sake of the Emperor.

Columnist: Margaret Jackson
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