Even before No 12, we knew you were corrupt; Sani Daara should shut up

Mon, 11 Nov 2019 Source: Alhajj Suleman, Germany

Sani Daara was one of the fiercest critics, of the irredeemably corrupt, Nyantakyi administration. At this time, Sani had an elevated position in journalism, working for the BBC. Sani, spared at nothing, in his fierce opposition to the hegemonic Nyantakyi regime.

Who knows what? In what appears to be a rather shocking turn of events, the once critic, became an ally of the one he criticised. He quit the BBC to join the hegemonic Nyantakyi regime. What could be his motivation? A reasonable man's conclusion would be that - he probably, was not sincere about his countervailence role as a journalist, to abhorrent the regime.

Others have espoused some reasons that could have undergirded Sani's jettisoning of the BBC, to join the abhorrent regime. Some say, he probably was given a juicy offer. An offer juicier than merely playing a policing role as a journalist at BBC. What he cherished, therefore, according to this theory of 'juicy offer', wasn't integrity and an extolled role which he enjoyed at BBC.

Kudi, sika, dw?t??, money! This is what the latter theory of 'juicy offer', appear to say - that, money was the magic that baited an insincere critic, to join the abhorrent regime he once criticised. I think this theory makes sense. Why? Because, how come that, all of a sudden, all the things Sani criticised before, became good enough to be defended by him after he joined? For example, Sani at BBC, was opposed to the opacity of the hegemonic Nyantakyi regime.

I put the question, did the opacity change before Sani accepted to join? Or let me charitably ask, did it change after he joined? A principled person, would not join until the wrongs he pointed to while on the fence, are right. At worst, a principled person would consider joining to change the wrongs he criticised. Which of the two reasons ie., 'change before I join' or 'I join to change', have we seen in case of Sani?

In fact, opacity was at its all time high after Sani joined the GFA. A case in point, was when Sani, told the whole country, that, we were not fit to know the budget for the Equitorial Guinea AFCON tournament. He sat on national television and ludicrously said, the budget for the tournament, was a state secret! Gracious God! Public funds. Very ridiculous.

Again, under the same hegemonic Nyantakyi regime, whose opacity Sani criticised, we for the first time, in the corruption lexicon of Ghana, heard the term, 'coefficient'. What is this coefficient? Well, the term came up when the Justice Dzamefe commission, interrogated Nyantakyi about some thousands of dollars which couldn't be accounted for in his abhorrent regime. He said the money was shared amongst his people using the 'coefficient' method. Hahaha!

My pointed question to Sani is, what changed before or after he joined the abhorrent regime? If Sani tells us #12 was useless, we tell him, at least, the useless exposè, shook the foundations of the GFA and rid it of hemorrhaging organisms like him and his hegemonic regime members. We are happy about that as Ghanaians. Kudos to Anas!

Before #12, Sani was at the forefront, daring everyone to produce evidence of corruption against the abhorrent regime. Why were corporate entities not interested in sponsoring the league anymore? Was it # 12, that mentioned that GFA budgets were almost always 10 times blotted? Was it #12, that caused the infamous Brasil fiasco? Was it #12, that caused the avalanche of apathy towards the national teams? Was it #12, that caused our stadia to be empty on match days?

Rather, it's #12 that has given us reinvigorated GFA. It's #12 that has caused to be removed, over 73 bribe-taking referees. Indeed after #12, Ghana football would never be the same. We are watching the current administration closely. My advice to Sani is that, he and his henchmen, should desist from sabotaging the current administration, with an objective to make a case for themselves.

We already know how rotten the hegemonic Nyantakyi regime was. No amount of schemes will redeem their tarnished reputation. Kindly save your breathe and enjoy the booties you scooped away.

Finally, #12 was only a nail in the coffin of the pale GFA.

Columnist: Alhajj Suleman, Germany