Every Sane Ghanaian Reckons Nana Addo ‘d Excel

Mon, 29 Oct 2012 Source: Damoa, Adreba Kwaku Abrefa

.... as President of Ghana, Except ‘Old Evil Dwarfs’

It takes great brains to achieve great feats for human progress yet such extraordinary people with extraordinary knowledge and ideas are seldom admired by the subnormal thinker. It is not just normal but a specie of human weakness to vigorously criticise, hate, castigate and even yell for the blood of people with extraordinary knowledge and visionary ideas that obviously appear to exceed our normal thinking capacity. It has taken extraordinary brains like Archimedes to solve mathematical problems that have seemed without solution; Copernicus and the likes of Galileo Galilei to pave the way for modern day epistemics of cosmology, the galaxies and the universe. Both were found guilty during the era of capricious inquisitions by the Roman Catholic Church under Pope Paul V for alleged heresy for which Copernicus was executed whiles Galileo was found guilty of erroneous faith, an apparently lesser offence that placed him under house arrest in a dungeon where he died in January 1642. Following their pace set in cosmology, by the use of improved and more powerful telescopes, cosmoramic astronomers have discovered that even the sun in our Milky Way solar system is not at the centre of the universe instead, it lies only 2/3 way to the centre of the universe. Discoveries are that there are thousands of galaxies in the vast expanse of the universe in which there are even bigger and hotter suns than what we have here. Going by the above analogy, it is enough to conclude that the Roman Catholic persecutors of the 17th century inquisitions behaved in the manner of simplicity of minds, abnormality, hesychastic slaves to faith, tantamount to mental stasis, stagnation of knowledge that imports all the extremities of obscurantism and ignorance; they compromised reason cum rationality for the application of wanton bullying in the manner of ‘Old Evil Dwarfs’ (OEDs) of Ghana today.

‘Old Evil Dwarfs’ are heavily possessed with malevolent retrogressive can’t do spirit. They don’t dream because they can’t sleep for fear of losing their grip on what they erroneously believe in. To OEDs, there is no difference between night and day. Their government, best described as mediocracy sees everything however doable as impossible because they are limited to seeing only up to the distance of their nose. Any effort by anybody from outside their ‘convent school’ with an attempt to do what to them is undoable though doable is classed as one of committing ‘heresy’ to Ghana’s constitution or attempting an abomination; branding such ideas as immoral and unethical, poisonous for the people of Ghana.

‘OEDs’ walked out of Parliament when the NHIS bill was passed in Parliament yet today, they beat their chest with ostentation and arrogate to themselves a sort of success and improvement to the health system, though it is on its knees; same doubted the discovery of oil in commercial quantities and dubbed it palm kennel oil presented as crude fossil oil yet they are sucking Ghana’s oil money like starving mosquitoes by adding oil discovery to their undeserved credit. Same ‘OEDs’ are today branding free education for all from 2013 Akufo Addo-led NPP government not just a charygma but an abomination. At best, His Excellency Mr JDM (Judgement Debt Maniac) has, in a heavily applauded chooooboi allocution to his ‘OED’ faithful claimed the idea has been stolen from the constitution. This is a carbon copy of how Napoleon pissed onto Snowball’s Windmill plan but later asserted Snowball had stolen the idea from Napoleon. O George Orwell, great was your Muse in writing the ‘Animal Farm’ satire which best fits Ghana’s situation under a regime of ‘Old Evil Dwarfs’! I wish every positive-thinking Ghanaian could read Orwell’s Animal farm, a political satire that was banned in Ghana during the 1st republic.

So soaked are they in negative pessimistic thinking and malefaction that the self-same ‘old evil dwarfs’ who have benefited from a similar free education scheme under an erstwhile previous administration are the most vociferous advocates against universal free education system that would benefit all Ghanaians including their generations to come. Listening to their tasteless and directionless argument on radio, it is sheer hypocrisy and psychological selfishness and malevolence to note that, those especially living abroad whose children either enjoy or have enjoyed free education have the guts to speak against a similar system to be introduced in Ghana. Anybody with the least sense of rationality of judgement would conclude that these ‘old evil dwarfs’ who are objecting to free education are not just criminally possessed, their brains are composed of shea butter that would melt and congeal as and when required. ‘Old evil dwarfs’ cannot think for themselves, do not even behave intuitively like rats and mice but like zombies or robots controlled by a one-eyed monstrous monster whose monocular capacity is designed to scheme a continuum of everything associated with evil, negativity and destruction.

Like beaver ants that would colonise mainly on fruit trees and thereby inhibit anybody from climbing to reach for their esculent sweet fruits, OEDs would viciously attack any progressive thinking mind outside their ‘formicarium’ just to derail every enhanced socio-economic progress because they have nothing to lose. The amazing similarity between OEDs and beaver ants is that, when the head of a beaver ant is crushed at a painful bite, what comes out representing its brain is a substance like melting shea butter.

Clad in armour of bigotry, intolerance, suspicion and fear, ‘OEDs’ have a tendency to poison our political climate, a situation that is honotic to our national integration. My personal knowledge of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo as a selfless individual and shrewd politician impresses upon me to wonder and mull over any apparent reasons why ‘OEDs’ hate and portray him as an odious personality which I find to be something beyond my comprehension. Here is an all-round man who has not lost the common touch and would relate with all persons. In his candid and Socratic disposition he would speak his truth quietly and clearly and listen to others for their story however, Nana would brook no nonsense. Nana is not corrupt and he’s resolute to be incorruptible. He is a rare genre self-made man who is formidable in thoughts and ideas with pragmatic approach to issues; qualities which clearly porrect him as a nonpareil compatriot, legal brain, politician and businessman. In spite of his parage, he has never relaxed to depend on bequeathed family wealth and prestige but has sought to reach for the stars through strong bolts and iron bars. To sum everything up, he is instar omnium as Cicero described Plato. As our elders say, he has washed his hands so clean that he dines with Kings and Queens. If naked truth would be told, if people compare themselves with him, they do not just become dwarfed and vain under his image but also they feel bitter. Nana Addo is therefore very enviable to be proud of as a man of exceptional virtues and qualities; a man worthy to be pointed to with pride which in Islam would be expressed succinctly as Maashallah (God has willed it), also expressed in the metaphysics of morals in Buddhist terms as ‘mudita’, same as Halleluiah in Judaeo-Christian phrase (taking joy in the good fortune of another). Instead of celebrating in him as above, ‘Old Evil Dwarfs’, a mishallowed group of people with one accord would in bewilderment lament, wail and stain his hard earned reputation acquired through hard work and sweat. Thieves, scoundrels, hobgoblins as they are, ‘OEDs’ claim to be socialists who don’t even understand the virtues of their cherished ideology therefore they would attack all socialist-oriented big-brained ideas for Ghanaians whiles they shamelessly and blatantly steal from public coffers and glorify philandering thieves as heroes such as pornography enthusiast Mr JDM. Nana Addo’s foresight, his virtues, what he stands for, his beliefs, his strengths and weaknesses etc are more than adequate enough to find in him a man who would be an excellent President from 7th January 2013. What therefore makes OEDs bitterly hate him?

As their referenced title suggests, ‘OEDs’ are either brainless or mentally defective Ghanaians turned human hobgoblins who live with thoroughbred Ghanaians, hailing from all communities across the country. They are our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, uncles and aunts, friends and foes with minds that are socio-politically defective and impaired reasoning capacities. ‘OEDs’ take progress and good fortune for abomination because ‘bayie mpe adepa’, a usual mind-set of thinkers of evil. They have seen through the crystal seed of time that Nana Addo’s endowed great potentials, if allowed to take off would expunge their entire acclaimed achievements therefore they’d do all that they can to abort them before his potentials can develop and grow to maturity for all to see, enjoy and celebrate in. I therefore enjoin all and sundry prudent and sensible Ghanaians that we are in excess of 50+1% of the Ghanaian voting public wishing for respite from the yoke weighing down on us by evil-thinking ‘Old Evil Dwarfs’ to look up to Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, leader of the New Patriotic Party and his team for our expected rest and solace. He is the visionary who can deliver Ghana from its current socio-economic regression that will make a difference for a better future for all Ghanaians.

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa, London UK

Columnist: Damoa, Adreba Kwaku Abrefa