Everything is set in the kitchen, but a good cook

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Sat, 1 May 2021 Source: Emmanuel Graham Nyameke

What Ghana needs is a good cook. A cook who knows how to combine ingredients available to prepare a good meal. Ghana has no such good cook.

Every cook, given the necessary ingredients and equipment to prepare a meal should have no other need but be expected by the husband to be served a good meal. In the case where the ingredients have been provided, with all the other materials set, one only needs a good cook.

Ghana is the kitchen here. The natural resources are the ingredients. Some of which include, gold, diamond, magnesium, bauxite, oil and gas.

Knowing very well that every cook will need some spices to give the food some aroma, provision has been made. There are cocoa, timba, and rubber. What is next is for food to be served by the cook.

Here is the food set on the table for dinner. The people are unable to consume the meal due to the fact that the food was not properly cooked. One may wonder who is to be blamed. You may disagree with my stand, but the problem is with the cook. What Ghana lacks is not any natural resources but a good leader.

The quality of the human resources that Ghana has is questionable. The problem with Ghana is not the quantity of natural resources she has or she does not have, leadership is the problem.

The country has almost everything a country needs to develop. Ghana is envied by other countries over what she has. But believe me, some of these countries hate the type of leaders Ghana has had.

Mahatma Gandhi was right when he said that when leaders of a society are fools, the people have been duly represented. Ghana lacks good leadership and therefore needs one to be operational. A leader who is a “result getter.” A leader who knows how to fix broken things.

A leader who knows where Ghana belongs and is ready to give her her birthright. Ghana has lost her birthright among other African countries. We need a leader who doesn’t feel okay with hearing defeat stories. Ghana needs a leader who knows how to manage her finance. Ghana is in dire need of such caliber of leadership.

A leader who knows how to fight wrong doers. A leader who understands that prison cells are not though comfortable places but beneficial to the nation: that the prison is to correct wrongdoers like the many corrupt leaders in Ghana. If Ghana has such caliber of leadership, then one can proudly say that every Ghanaian now has a better Ghana.

Every Ghanaian deserves a better Ghana. This has fueled my writing of a book titled, “You Deserve A Better Ghana.”

I know you will grab your copy because you want to see those practical ways we can set Ghana on the path to success. You deserve a better Ghana my dear.

Columnist: Emmanuel Graham Nyameke
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