Ex-Ministers Of The NPP – Was It A Selfish Private Interest

Mon, 22 Jun 2009 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Or National Interest?

In the year 2000, the NPP led by then candidate Kufour called on Ghanaians to vote for positive change since President Rawlings NDC government has destroyed the country. Mr. Kufour held an empty gallon in his hands and stated that selling petrol at ¢6,400 old Ghana cedis at that time was a criminal act by Mr. Rawlings.

Ghanaians took Kufour’s words rightly with a pinch of salt and voted on 7th December, 2000, and the elections went into a Run-off between Prof. John Atta Mills and John Agyekum Kufour.

It took the support of (5) registered political parties notably the CPP, PNC, DPP, NRP, GCPP to enable the NPP to win the elections in 2000 with Kufour as the President of Ghana who was sworn in on 7th January, 2001.

After becoming President of Ghana, all hell broke loose on former ministers of the NDC right down to ordinary party supporters in the Regions and constituencies throughout the country.

There was NO SUBSIDY on petrol as the government lied to Ghanaians that the NDC had incurred a debt of 41trillion cedis and it is the NPP which was going to pay for it so that prices could NEVER be reduced at all for 8years. The NPP government failed to honestly inform Ghanaians that the so-called 41trillion cedis TOR debt, or is it national debt covered 43years that means from 1957 when Ghana attained independence to 2000 when Jerry Rawlings became President of Ghana, but they simply stated that the debt was incurred from the PNDC/NDC eras. Now, in 8years of the NPP government with high petrol prices, they have incurred over 11.4trillion cedis before leaving office, while the NDC in 8years under Jerry Rawlings incurred a debt of only 3trillion at the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR).

Because of the NPP’s insensitive polices, they embezzled 7.2trillion which they would soon vomit anyway – They also owe Ghana Commercial Bank an amount of 5.6trilion which they borrowed to buy votes from Ghanaians who rightly collected their monies and spent it free but voted against them because they see NPP political leaders as crooks, cocaine peddlers and professional thieves who steal with their pens, and so they were sent packing by Ghanaians in at least 8 Regions and during the Run – off, in December, 2008, the NDC won 9 regions with the NPP taking only their so-called strong hold in Ashanti Region, which has been the head quarters of that murderous tribal grouping which the NPP represent to day 2009. However, the Eastern Region which is the home region of Nana Akoffo Addo – the “winner” got half of the regions’ votes while the NDC took the remaining half in 2008.

Mr. Kufour after taking over from Ex – Prez Rawlings described Rawlings and his former government ministers as thieves who emptied the national coffers through embezzlement of state funds, yet doctors, civil and public servants were paid every month – where then did Mr. Kufour get the money from Mr. Kufour continuously told Ghanaians that the PNDC and NDC did NOTHING for Ghanaians for close to 20years in power, Mr. Kufour rushed our country into the Highly Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) and began the persecution and prosecution of his political enemies in the NDC by completely manipulating the judiciary. He illegally constituted the Fast Track Court purposely to be used in jailing former ministers in the NDC from 1992 – 2000.

A top legal guru of the NDC in the person of Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata rose up and sent the NPP government to the Supreme Court claiming that the Fast Track Court was an illegal one and it was duely declared that indeed the Fast Track Court was really illegal. The decision of the Supreme Court surprised Mr. Kufour who was on his usual World Tour that he rushed home and empanelled more card bearing NPP judges who over turned the Judgment of the Supreme Court and declared that the Fast Track High Court was legal after a 5 – 2 debate.

It is a matter on record that if Mr. Kufour really believed in democracy and knew that he would be handing over power to his enemies in he NDC in 2009, he would not have set up the Fast Track Court in order to jail all his political enemies as he terms it in order to remain in power or hand over to another NPP government to be led by a swollen headed arrogant politician who already declared himself a President and behaved like a President before losing the elections in 2009. Former ministers of the NPP, members of parliament National, Regional and Constituency executives of the NPP never thought of a day like this at all because their tribal government did everything humanly possible to enable the people vote massively for them but it was the Mighty Hand of God who removed their stolen ballots and allowed the NDC to win the elections in a 3 touch victory instead of Akoffo Addo’s One Touch prediction. If Mr. Kofour could become the President of Ghana, with Nana Akoffo Addo also trying to become Ghana’s President one day, then I dare say that the NDC has got thousands of Presidential materials including this writer in future.

Since 2001, under Prez. Kufour, 95% of all FM radio stations Ghana Television including hundreds of stomach journalists started attacking the NDC then in opposition in all directions instead of the ruling NPP government to the extent that some fake journalists from Kumasi reported in their newspapers that the NDC was dead in the Ashanti Region in 2007 showing pictures of the closure of NDC constituency officers in the Region. Are they NOT ASHAMED BY NOW? SURELY, GOD IS NOT MOCKED. These Ex-ministers and their party gurus extolled their virtues and democratic credentials on top of pylons, story buildings, trees shouting at the top of their voices that THEY WERE ALREADY RICH BEFORE ENTERING POLITICS, and if that is the case, why should the state buy brand new cars for $50,00 only for the same cars to be sold to former ministers for a mere $6,000 each while these vehicles are less than two years old?

Were these former ministers really serving the National Interest or their own selfish interests nationwide, while describing themselves as democrats, patriots who are even prepared to die in defence of democracy and Ghana as a whole? They ONLY came to steal and enrich themselves through plain cheating at the expense of the very people they falsely claim to have served, period. What a big shame, if the former ministers in the first NDC government under Rawlings were described as BAD, those in the NPP were NOT only WORSE but the worst thieves that ever ruled Ghana including their former President Kofour. Now, those ministers in the NDC under Rawlings were rather persecuted and prosecuted out of malice, hatred and naked show of power, in short those former NDC ministers were rather angels as compared to these thugs in the NPP as we have seen after their defeat in 2009.

How on earth can a former MP, and minister of state give a cheeky answer to the ruling government officials that she does not keep cars in her deep freezer? Actually, if you really want to know the true colours and character of a human being – you give him/her power and the person will soon expose his/her true colours and character for you to see. This is exactly what ex – Prez Kufour and his former ministers have shown to Ghanaians. Ghanaians gave the NPP government 8years of power and they have shown their true colours and characters for all of us to see, and we have all seen that they have no self respect, so they don’t respect Ghanaians, they are very arrogant, they are selfish and extremely greedy, intolerant, bias, bullies, damn wicked and a bunch of tribal bigots in totality. These are not my words, but I sincerely believe it is the stubborn truth and I am even prepared to add more facts if any aggrieved NPP member dares me. The humiliating defeat of the National Pick Pockets (NPP) emanated from their above characteristics in 2008, because you cannot INSULT some particular tribes in this country and expect them to vote massively for you because all Ghanaians are NOT Ashantis and can never become Ashantis till the end of the world – period. Mrs. Christian Churcher was fully aware of the massive stealing of state vehicles, massive embezzlement of funds, massive corruption in the NPP government of which she was a member and that compelled her to kneel down on the HOT SANDS of Cape Coast beach begging them to vote for her party, the NPP to retain power in 2009.

God has now stripped ex-President Kufour and his former ministers as well as his foul mouthed party gurus naked for al to see in 2009 because they all behaved like the Biblical Nebuchadnezzar and God turned them into beasts as they are already hiding in the forest and may even remain there forever.

Very soon, it will be pay back time for these destructive political criminals to face the music that will be played by their brain child, the Fast Track High Court and they would be compelled by their own court to dance to the tune of the anti-corruption music and we all see. During the campaign in election 2008, Dr. Nyaho Tamakloe, who was over confident that the NPP will retain power stated that some NDC gurus had gone to Kenya to learn about power – sharing which was false but he insisted that the NPP will never share any power with the NDC, in any case, the NDC is a very strong and dynamic pro-people party which will never even dream of ever sharing power with a bunch of de-Africanized political criminals who could not identify a political disaster when they saw one simply because a fool remains a fool whether he goes to university or not. We are social democrats in the NDC and we know what to do. It would be recalled that Mr. Andrews Awuni, a former press secretary to the Ex-Prez Kufour had the impudence to say that they (ex-ministers and secretaries) would be compelled to join tro-tro to and from their homes which is below their status as former government appointees if they returned their vehicles to the state – what Nonsense. Are the former minister and the presidential secretaries better than those of us who join trotro to and from work daily?

Didn’t the same ex- ministers tell Ghanaians that they were ALL RICH before entering politics? If you are begging the NDC government to allow you to use state cars it means that you people were simply deceiving Ghanaians that you were all rich while you were all as poor as church mice isn’t it? Let me remind Mr. Andrews Awuni that when Nigeria stopped supplying Ghana with oil in 1979 in protest against the execution of Gen. Akuffo by the AFRC military junta led by Jerry Rawlings – there was shortage of petrol – and ALL GHANAIANS WERE WALKING to and from work, and they were happy to walk because Ghana was milked Dry by greedy top military officers in this country. We snubbed Nigeria and walked alright.

Now, it has been reported that some former ministers returned their stolen cars and they were examined to have broken wind screens, broken driving mirrors, damaged side doors, broken trafficators and headlights etc. Ghanaians want the appropriate authorities in change of retrieving the state vehicles to compel those greedy former ministers to replace all the damaged parts of the vehicles from their pockets and report back in through the dailies for Ghanaians to read. We are back again so the new appointees must also take note and be very careful not to imitate those disgraced members of the Kufour administration at all – you must be humble approachable and hard working for you know how we suffered in 8years of hellist opposition with scores of our comrades dying as paupers. A word to the wise is enough. I am done!

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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement