Extension of formal education to children in some fishing communities

Fri, 16 Oct 2020 Source: Oman Moses Tetteh

I would like to bring to your notice the fact that children are living in fishing communities (especially Island communities) on and along the Volta Lake (Volta, Eastern and Oti region) without any form of education.

His Excellency, l know how passionate you are about the Education of the Ghanaian child and that is why despite the cost involved you have implemented the Free Senior High School policy effectively to the surprise of your opponents.

Mr. President as once a victim of child labour my heart bleeds anytime l think about these children and what their future will be like. Is my life mission to help liberate, protect and save the glorious future of these children.

Mr President, l believe in education because it’s a leveler as it makes people stand out as equal with all the other persons from different caste and creed defeating all barriers, and l am a living testimony to that. I was born and raised in a fishing community where l started fishing work at the age of five (5), luckily for me l was rescued by my late mum at the age of eleven (11). Today by His grace l am a graduate and impacting lives. I have produced teachers, nurses, police officers among others.

His Excellency, anytime they call to show appreciation for impacting their lives, l feel so sad because there were thousands of children in these communities who could have done better if they had the opportunity to be educated.

His Excellency, unfortunately for these children education is a luxury that they cannot afford and their parents have taken advantage of the situation to enslave them in fishing work. I know what they are going through because l was there.

Mr. President you will agree with me that if others are enjoying free second cycle education, then they too deserve at least free kindergarten and basic education.

My plea is that let’s make it possible for them to start school by January when other children are going back to the classroom. They should not be denied access to education because of where they live.

His Excellency, you are not going to spend so much resources in getting these children into the classroom because they can start in the church premises, you only need to supply them with desks, teaching materials and post some few teachers to teach them, you can as well start with national service personnel.

This will be unprecedented in the history of this country and your name will go down into history books as the only president who genuinely cared about all including the vulnerable.

His Excellency, l am ready to be used as a coordinator to establish and supervise education in these communities, the risk of crossing the lake from one community to another is not my concern because that is what l want to die for.

I hope my humble request will meet your kind consideration. Please tell Hon. Frema Opare that her prodigal son sends greetings.

Columnist: Oman Moses Tetteh

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