FEATURE: Amanda Clinton’s phenomenal speech at Ghana FA elections

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Mon, 28 Oct 2019 Source: ghanasoccernet.com

Amanda Clinton, one of the aspirants to have contested the Ghana Football Association presidential election delivered one of the best speeches on Election Day despite not been considered by the delegates for the top position.

She entered into the history books as the first female to contest for the presidential position and carried herself in a way that drew much attention and focus on her personality and campaign.

During the Ghana FA presidential debate organized by the Normalisation Committee, the young, smart and vibrant legal practitioner exhibited great leadership skills and knowledge which was acknowledged after the debate by a member of the Ghana FA Executive Council, Randy Abbey.

According to Randy Abbey, Amanda Clinton is intelligent and smart after answering a question posed to her by the moderator Ohene Bampoh Brenya on how she will reduce the 48-team division one league to 18 as proposed in the new statues.

This particular statement from Randy, one of the finest football administrators in the country confirmed Amanda Clinton’s status in her pursuit to lead the Football Association.

On the D-day of the election, all the aspirants were given the opportunity to address the delegates before the election begun.

Clinton mounted the stage with her charisma, delivered a world class speech which was perhaps not accepted by the delegates who had already made up their minds due to influences and external pressures.

In her address she said, “it is not only football people who can solve the problems of football, otherwise they would have been solved otherwise in terms of financing and reputation.

“Most of you consider me as stranger; I am not a stranger because I will definitely look after your finances very well as well as the reputation of Ghana football. I will remain more transparent and accountable”.

On highlighting her points to pursue the delegates in her speech, she proposed two specialist project managers who are also familiar with football to become her assistants to work as she works with the Executive Council.

She also indicated there will be no chance of manipulation in her administration.

Lawyer Clinton also spoke about sacrifice and servant leadership to be considered by the delegates in the selection of the presidential candidate.

“Finally I hope my specialist knowledge in crisis management will distinguish me because if you want more money and more reputation you need a fresh face and need everybody to buy into the vision of the FA, she concluded.

Amanda in an interview indicated her legal background would have help in the new direction to be taken by the Ghana FA after the number 12 documentary.

“Whilst my legal background and integrity would have ensured transparent and integrity as the public and international stakeholders would have believed in the Ghana FA brand once more. I wasn’t riding on the female ticket but the excellence ticket”.

Amanda despite the disappointment is grateful to all and proud of the historic feat achieved.

“Though, I did not get the mandate to help bring the needed reforms and transformations in Ghana football, I will still play a part to get the game back to the glorious days”, she told Joy Sports.

Below is the speech delivered by Amanda Clinton

Source: ghanasoccernet.com