Don’t Blame President Mahama But…..

Thu, 3 Jul 2014 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Many a Ghanaian is blaming President John Dramani Mahama, alias “Ede bii Keke”, for the dilapidated state in which Ghana now is. Except a person without senses, without the fear of God in him/her, and without the love of truth, that will claim over the mountains and in the valleys that President Mahama is living up to the expectations of the citizenry. Yes, don’t get him totally wrong; he may be living up to the expectation of some Ghanaians who may be his colleagues in crime, however, they are a few in numbers.

Whatever our perceptions of the President are, we should not heap the totality of the blame for the socio-economic annihilation of Ghana on him. I will personally blame the nation’s judicial system, particularly the Supreme Court, for the current unbearable and ruinous economic situation Ghana finds herself in.

It did occur, as clearly established during the Supreme Court live telecast proceedings on Election 2012 suit that President Mahama had benefitted from fraudulent electoral processes, facilitated by Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan to win the presidential Election 2012. It is only an insane person who had not access to the live telecast of the court proceedings, and had not the mental soundness to make informed judgment that will opine differently.

Upon all the intentional cockups, deliberate refusal to provide documentations to contradict the evidence produced by the complainants (Nana Akufo Addo & Co), by the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan, the Supreme Court still had the shameless audacity, disrespect for the law, and disregard for the people of Ghana, to decide the case in favour of the defendants (Afari Gyan and Mahama).

The court had the perfect opportunity based on the credible evidence available, to save Ghana from the abuse of both power and incumbency by our politicians and leaders. By extension, they could have set a pivotal precedent to liberate entire Africa from corruption and election rigging often suffered under the hands of our myopic politicians. However, the Supreme Court judges in pursuit of their probably selfish interests let the perfect opportunity slip through their fingers.

What else do we expect from Mahama, having been handed a favourable, although unqualified for, verdict, on a silver platter? Like many others who may not be serious enough to give such undeserved, but granted opportunities, a second thought, he will mess up things same as he is doing. He did not toil for it. It was offered to him simply through the systematic abuse of his power – using the nation’s money to bribe some people (buying cars for chiefs and female University students, preventing the operatives of the media from participating in the special voting etc.). Despite John Mahama abusively availing himself of the nation’s coffers, thereby depleting the funds therein, Afari Gyan and the Supreme Court still had to assist him as they did, to enable him win the presidency.

Ghanaians had resolutely determined to vote for a change in government. However, for Mahama’s deplorable connivance with the Electoral Commission coupled with the disgusting blessing by the Supreme Court, the wish of the people was scuppered.

No one takes it serious anything they did not toil for hence the problems Ghanaians are facing under the clueless, but hardly blameable, President Mahama. He does not take the management of Ghana with the required seriousness because he did not wipe any sweat before landing in his current position (the President of the Republic of Ghana). I will rather apportion blame to the Supreme Court than to President Mahama. William Atuguba, now a probably, internationally disgraced Supreme Court judge, played a tribally unprofessional card from the very inception of the court proceedings through to the delivery of the most laughable verdict in the history of the Supreme Court.

Once election results have been declared, in West Africa, the Supreme Courts do whatever it takes to sanction the results but not to cancel them, Atuguba declared. What a narcissist Supreme Court judge he is?

Please do not blame President Mahama too much for eating all the meat only to leave out the useless bare bones for us to lick on. Put all the blame on the Supreme Court and those of us still supportive of his maladministration because of what we stand to gain as morally weak individuals.

I will come back to question the credentials of William Atuguba. Blame him for all the hardships Ghana is going through under President “Me be dii bi keke”.

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson