Ghanaians Feel Let Down By The Security Forces

Fri, 4 Jul 2014 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Can I politely request the nation’s security forces to tell Ghanaians what their basic duties to the nation and the citizens are? I think whatever their functions are, they will include the following. They are to protect the nation against external aggression. They are to guarantee the safety of persons and their property.

If the little said about their basic duties is true, are they seen to be living up to expectation? I personally think they are not, concluding from their behaviours as are ongoing in the country. In some cases, the security personnel have been used as implement of destruction to pull down entire settlements in the nation. They have become demolition units to destroy people’s homes. They were used by the Kumasi Water and Sewerage Corporation to destroy about two hundred and fifty homes at Kumasi Abrepo or thereabout in 1998. They have recently been used to commit similar atrocities against citizens/settlements in Accra and Tema. By this action, are they protecting the people and their property? When did they become demolition squad units to be used against the very people they are employed to protect?

The entire nation is on the brink of socio-economic collapse. The urgent services of the security forces are required to salvage the situation but such services are not forthcoming. They are even aggravating the situation by their actions and inactions. Institutional corruption spearheaded by those in government and positions of responsibility has engulfed the nation. The security forces are doing practically nothing about the precarious situation that is threatening the very existence of Ghana as a nation. They are sitting on their backside with arms folded around their chest while a few rogues preside over the sinking boat of the nation.

Are the security forces part of the syndicate plundering the coffers of the nation at such an alarming rate? Our nation Ghana is on her knees pleading to be saved from her about-to-suffer socio-politico-economic death. Who can rescue her from her imminent death if not the armed forces or the national security? Why have the forces become units of intimidation easily lending themselves to the few supposedly powerful men and women in the country in their aspirations to illegally enrich themselves or become domineering? I can’t understand them. By their unprofessional actions, the forces do encourage the ongoing instances of practice of selective justice in Ghana.

I just want to ask, what are the uses of the national security forces in our present day Ghana that a few people wallowing abusively in power are taking the nation and everyone in it for a super rough drive? Are the security forces also partners in crime hence looking on with nonchalance while the country is sent to her early death?

Many Ghanaians feel let down by our security forces that are so far viewed as objects of coercion against the clamouring of the suffering people.

A word to the wise is enough.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson