Has Wisdom Evaded the "Book-Long" NPP?

Fri, 20 Nov 2009 Source: Adofo, Rockson

The NPP are self-destructing through bickering, backstabbing, and what may be a vivid display of political immaturity. This internal wrangling, bizarre as it is, is in anticipation of securing the flagbearership of the party for the leader of one faction or the other. Certain individual's uncompromising stance to wrestling the presidential candidacy on NPP's ticket to contest the presidency of Ghana in 2012 is worrying. They have factionalised the party as a result of the individuals' myopic egocentrism. Who do they think they are hurting? Nobody, but themselves and their party as things will finally turn out to be. These supposedly book-long guys have thrown their intelligence to the dogs. They are behaving far worse than those very people they consider to be lacking intelligence.

Why do most leading members in the NPP think they are born to lead but not to follow? Does being the leader boost their ego? Is it to seek to enrich them as politics in Africa in general and Ghana in particular; is an arena for making money and courting fame? Are they behaving same as Former President J.J. Rawlings who cannot submit to anyone else's authority for being a born-to-lead personality? The leaders of the NPP should not by their lack of vision dig their own grave. By their present untoward actions, they are digging a grave for the party to be buried in come 2012. He who digs a grave intended for the other person, will himself be interred in it. Instead of burying their differences to capitalise on the ills of the NDC if any at all, use them to their advantage as a prospective government come 2012, they have rather chosen to knife one another from behind. Is it an act of political childishness, or mere ignorance, or sheer greediness, or simply a desire to be malevolent? I can't simply make that out myself unless helped by those very individuals exhibiting such weird attitudes under attack here.

I will advise that the NPP still give Nana Akufo-Addo Danquah the nod to lead the party. The reasons for him losing the 2008 elections are too obvious to make the acceptance of any ignorant pretence from any quarters look too insulting on the credibility of NPP as any dynamic party. The absurd intimidations, executed threats and the unflinching desire of the NDC to cause mayhem were they to lose the elections were more than enough to bring about the mishap suffered by Nana at the elections. Why then single him out to be crucified for problems which were beyond and over his personal capabilities as made evident in the ongoing acrimony? He is qualified to lead the party, should the NPP activists and sympathisers care to know. Give him the green light to lead the party into the 2012 elections. Doing otherwise may suggest wisdom has evaded you although, you may think that is the beauty and the art of true democracy. Mind you, weed out corruption among your rank and file. Why are Ghanaian politicians that corrupt? Is it a curse or a blessing? Be they NPP, NDC or whatever, they often exhibit a tendency for corruption. I hate that. Let us always think about the wellbeing of Ghana and its people first, and all else will fall into place.

Ghana comes before party, Ghanaian politicians please do take note.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson